Every day we hear stories about people who have had bad accidents online. For example, ID theft, credit card data theft. News of these incidents caused many people to lose confidence on the internet and refrain from doing any commercial activities on it. But it is not so; There are many methods and protocols that websites use to prevent any fraud try.

Online casinos not on GamStop and sports betting sites are no exception and have taken advanced precautions to prevent cyber crimes. In fact, this is essential for any casino; Because players will not risk registering on a site that is not secured enough. If hackers realize that there is a site that contains a lot of money but its protection is weak. They will hack it to get its money and blackmail the customers of this site!

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Last updated: May 2024

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Therefore, players should search deeply for honest bookmakers not on gamstop before creating a new account. In this article, we will explain to you how “fair” sites and casinos secure their customers’ data? What are the most important protocols they use? And the steps that you must follow to secure your connection.

How do bookmakers not on gamstop and casinos protect players' data?

At gamblingpro, we list bookmakers not on GamStop after thoroughly testing it, to make sure that they offer the desired gaming experience. In our tests, we rely on the following standards:


A trusted casino is a casino that holds a valid license from a reputable government agency. In other words, this license guarantees you that all transactions made through this casino are monitored by one of the relevant government committees. If there is any dispute between you and the casino. You can write to this committee and it will provide you with the required payment. If the casino refuses to pay this compensation, it will impose fines and penalties. You may even go so far as to cancel the license and put the casino on the “blacklist”! Like this one for example: betneto brand.

Among the world renowned commissions in the field of online casino licensing are:

  • Curaçao Commission
  • Malta Commission
  • Gibraltar Commission
  • Cyprus Commission
Securing payment and withdrawal methods

As a user of online payment methods, you know that trusted sites use the HTTPS protocol. So, you can provide your financial info safely. But this protocol is not the only one that determines the protection of the site!

There are two other encryptions; (SSL) and (TSL). Websites use these two encryptions to secure your financial data. Whatever the payment or withdrawal method you use.

You can easily identify the sites that use these protocols since they are marked with a grey or green lock in the title bar on your browser.

In addition, Visa and Mastercard cards use the Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code protocol and you will find the stamp of one of these two protocols in the payment or withdrawal window of the trusted casino.

As for E-Wallets, they use other protocols to secure payments & withdrawals that are made through them.

Independent Committees

Many detached committees monitor online casinos not on GamStop to ensure that their games are fair. The work of these committees also includes financial matters; For example, monitoring the strength of the casinos’ encryptions to secure players' financial data, the duration of withdrawals, transactions limits, and more.

Among the most famous of these are the detached committees that monitor online casinos; eCOGRA and iTech Labs.

Technical Support

Trusted casinos provide you with the protection needed by providing 24/7 customer service. Also, the casino should provide multiple channels including live chat, email & phone call. In addition, some premium casinos offer support on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Having a customer support department working around the clock means that the casino wants to retain players.

Casino Company

Online casinos offer huge profits to players but that does not mean that their data is as hidden as Alibaba treasures! Each casino indicates its company in the bottom bar of the homepage. Also, you can find the address of the company and their contacts.

You can research the company that runs the casino you want to play in. If you find that this company has spent many years in the industry and has a good and known reputation among the players. You can register in the casino with peace of mind.

If you find the company is new or there is not enough info on the Internet about it. You should do more research to ensure its reputation! Otherwise, you can choose another casino.

Casino Protection Protocols

Casinos not on GamStop apply 4 basic protocols to secure the players’ data and protect it from piracy. In addition to combat gambling addiction and money laundering.

These protocols are:

  • 2-Step Verification. Code sent to your phone to protect your account from hacking attacks.
  • ID Check. A protocol used to protect your account. So that no one can steal your data and use it to play at any online casino.
  • Separate Payment System. A system used by casinos to separate the payment method you use from your casino balance. In other words, if a player runs out of balance, the casino will not transfer funds from his payment method directly. If you notice, you will find that all services that require a subscription automatically withdraw money from your bank account. But due to the nature of gambling, online casinos mustn’t work in the same way!
  • Responsible Gaming. This protocol protects players from problems of gambling addiction.

Essential Tips To Keep Casino Player Data Safe

Previously, we discussed the basic standards that must be met by online casinos to secure players’ data. Now, we will give you basic tips that will help you secure your data on your end.

  • Do not keep your bank details on a device that may be used by someone else.
  • Don't join a public Wi-Fi network if you want to play at a casino or make a transaction. Since these networks aren’t secured and any one can collect your info you send/ receive through it.
  • Play only in a casino owned by a well-known company.
  • Make sure that the casino games are fair.
  • Choose one of the casinos we recommend to you on our site.

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