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The accessibility of online gambling not on gamstop has surged with the rise of mobile technology, making it increasingly important to know how to block gambling sites, especially on widely-used Samsung devices. Whether you're looking to support a gambling-free lifestyle or ensure a child-safe digital space, this guide will navigate you through the process of restricting gambling content on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Gambling Sites to Play on Samsung Devices

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Last updated: July 2024

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The Need to Block Gambling Sites on Samsung Devices

Blocking gambling sites can be a crucial step in fostering responsible digital habits. For individuals with gambling challenges, it helps maintain self-exclusion commitments. For parents, it's about safeguarding children from adult content that could influence their understanding of money and risk.

How to Block Gambling Sites on Your Samsung Device?

Using Samsung Internet Browser's Features

Samsung's native browser, Samsung Internet, provides user-friendly options to block unwanted websites:

1. Activate Content Blockers: Download a content blocker from the Google Play Store that is compatible with Samsung Internet to filter out gambling sites.

2. Manual Site Blocking: Add specific gambling URLs to your browser’s block list by going to ‘Settings' -> ‘Sites and downloads' -> ‘Block websites'.

Leveraging Safe Browsing and Privacy Controls

Enhance your Samsung Internet browsing safety:

1. Navigate to ‘Settings' in your Samsung Internet browser.

2. Tap on ‘Privacy and security'.

3. Enable ‘Safe browsing' to steer clear of malicious and adult content, reducing exposure to gambling sites.

Installing Third-Party Apps

There are numerous third-party apps available that can help control and monitor internet usage:

1. Website Blockers: Apps like Freedom or BlockSite offer the ability to block gambling sites across all browsers on your device.

2. Parental Control Apps: Solutions like Net Nanny or Kidslox provide comprehensive controls to manage online content, including the blocking of specific categories like gambling.

Adjusting DNS Settings

Alter your DNS settings to automatically block adult content, including gambling sites:

1. Access ‘Settings' on your Samsung device.

2. Go to ‘Connections' > ‘Wi-Fi'.

3. Select your Wi-Fi network, go to ‘Advanced', and set the IP settings to ‘Static'.

4. Input the DNS addresses of a service that filters adult content, such as OpenDNS or CleanBrowsing.

Setting Up Parental Controls

Samsung devices come with built-in parental controls that can be found in the ‘Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls' section in settings:

1. Set up a family group to manage the devices of children or other family members.

2. Restrict access to adult content, including gambling websites and apps.

Utilizing Router-Level Blocking

For home networks, consider blocking gambling sites directly from your router:

1. Log into your router's admin interface.

2. Locate the parental controls or website filtering section.

3. Add gambling sites to the block list.

Engaging Network Providers

Some internet service providers offer services or add-ons that allow you to block gambling and other adult content network-wide.

Embracing Self-Exclusion Programs and Financial Blocking

Enroll in self-exclusion programs like GAMSTOP and use financial services that offer gambling transaction blocks to support your efforts.

Best Practices for Blocking Gambling Sites

  • Stay Updated: Regularly review and update the list of blocked sites.
  • Use Multiple Methods: Combine device settings, third-party apps, and network-level blocks for comprehensive coverage.
  • Regular Monitoring: Periodically check to ensure the blocks are still effective.
  • Promote Awareness: Educate family members about the importance of responsible internet usage.

Google Play Store Controls

The Google Play Store on Samsung devices also provides parental control settings that can help block gambling apps:

1. Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the ‘Menu' (three lines).

2. Select ‘Settings', then ‘Parental Controls'.

3. Turn on ‘Parental Controls', create a PIN, and set the restrictions for apps & games to the appropriate age limit to prevent gambling app downloads.

Utilizing Secure Folder

Samsung devices offer a Secure Folder feature, powered by the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform. This can be useful if you want to keep certain apps private or restrict access:

1. Go to ‘Settings' and then ‘Biometrics and security' to access Secure Folder.

2. Follow the prompts to set up the Secure Folder.

3. Move apps that you want to restrict into the Secure Folder to limit their usage to only when you've unlocked this secure space.

Advanced Measures: VPNs and Antivirus Software

Some VPNs and antivirus software provide additional layers of protection by blocking access to known gambling sites or apps:

• VPNs: Certain VPNs offer built-in parental controls or malware blocking that can restrict access to gambling content.

• Antivirus Software: Some antivirus solutions also include web filtering features that can be customized to block gambling websites.

The Role of Communication

No technology can be 100% effective against the constantly changing landscape of the internet. Open communication, particularly within a family setting, can often be the most effective tool. Discussing the risks of gambling and being transparent about the reasons for content restrictions can make a significant difference.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments

The effectiveness of blocking measures can change over time as new gambling sites emerge and existing ones alter their URLs. Regularly updating block lists and staying informed about new control features and apps will help maintain strong defenses against unwanted content.

Seeking Professional Help

If blocking gambling sites is related to a struggle with gambling addiction, professional help can be crucial. There are many resources available for those seeking support, such as therapists specializing in addiction, support groups, and online forums.

The Importance of Blocking Gambling Sites

Online gambling can be a significant problem for those with gambling addictions. It's not only a financial drain but can also lead to problematic behavior and mental health issues. For young users, exposure to gambling sites can lead to an early and distorted understanding of risk and reward. Therefore, blocking gambling sites is not only about protecting finances but also about maintaining mental well-being and setting a positive example for younger generations.

Understanding Samsung's Digital Wellbeing Tools

Samsung's Digital Wellbeing features offer a variety of tools to help users manage their screen time and the content they are exposed to:

  • Focus Mode: This feature allows you to limit your device usage by temporarily pausing apps.
  • App Timers: Set daily limits on how much you can use certain apps.
  • Wind Down: Helps you get ready for bed by turning your screen to grayscale and muting notifications.

While these tools do not block content directly, they can be used to limit the time spent on gambling-related apps and encourage healthier usage patterns.


Blocking gambling sites on your Samsung device is an effective way to protect yourself and your family from the potential risks associated with online gambling. By utilizing Samsung Internet's built-in features, third-party apps, DNS settings, and parental controls, you can create a safer and more controlled online environment. Regular updates and monitoring, combined with education on digital safety, will further empower you to maintain a responsible relationship with internet usage.

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