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In recent years, a lot has happened in the online gaming industry. One of the biggest changes is the Trustly casinos without Swedish license. The concept “Pay N Play” emerged a few years ago and quickly became a trend that is definitely here to stay. But what is Pay N Play more exactly, and how does it work? Are there any cons of playing at Pay N Play casinos?

Trustly Casinos Without a Swedish License
Trustly Casinos Without a Swedish License

List of the best Trustly Alternative Casinos Without a Swedish License

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Last updated: May 2024

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One of the most prominent methods that is based on Pay N Play feature is the Trustly. This Swedish company was founded in 2008 and since then it has developed very rapidly. In addition, it has expanded to more than 29 other countries and is used by 50 million customers. At the moment, there are a lot of Swedish casinos that support Trustly Wallet. The advantage is that you don't have to fill out a signup form. Quite simply, the casino obtains your personal info through your wallet. So, it does not need to ask you about it afterwards. You can use Trustly at any time for deposits and withdrawals, provided that your bank is connected to the system. In other words, the casino has to be licensed by the Swedish Gaming Commission.

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Committee, which licenses Trustly, guarantees the highest levels of protection. This ensures that you have full protection against misuse, fraud, and the like. In fact, there are very few secure payment options available like Trustly.

In this guide, we wanted to take a look at exactly how this wallet works, its pros. Also, we will find out whether or not it is on offshore casinos. Also, we will discuss the Trustly casinos without Swedish license and discover their pros and cons.

What Is Pay N Play?

The concept of Play N Play means that you deposit money at the casino and then start playing. 

What all casinos with Pay N Play have in common is that the deposits go quickly; Thanks to BankID and the fast, secure and flexible payment service Trustly.

In the Swedish gaming market, there are both new and already established casinos that offer Pay N Play. 

Namely, many of the veterans in the industry have also switched to the Pay N Play concept from offering more regular signup processes. 

No wonder, we think. Many surveys show that up to 80 percent of all players choose a casino according to the signup process and deposit method. 

Today, many players simply demand that it be quick to get started and with that knowledge, it is no wonder that many casinos have hooked on Pay N Play. 

Actually, it is enough to be a smartphone user to understand how fast development has gone. 

Apps that we use frequently today and almost do not work but did not actually exist even 20 years ago when the term “app” did not exist at all. 

Today it looks a little different due to the rapid development. However, the trend of fast deposits is nothing new for 2022, the fact is that several “faster” methods have been available for several years.

Above all, we have Neteller and Skrill, two popular so-called e-wallets, which have made it possible for players to get money into their gaming account quickly for several years now. 

What Is Trustly?

Trustly is a payment service that together with bankID facilitates and speeds up payments to and from your bank account. It is specially suitable for online casinos where you want fast transactions. Each Trustly casino can offer secure deposits and withdrawals without compromising on speed or simplicity. With the help of Trustly Pay N Play, you can also make a deposit at Swedish casinos. Also, you will be able to create a new account and verify your ID at once.

Pay N Play is a product for every Trustly casino. Pay N Play means that you as a player do not have to register or verify your ID before you start playing. Instead, you can make your first deposit and start playing right away. This is because Trustly deals with the casino in question by sharing the verification of your ID that you do with bankID in connection with you confirming the payment.

At the time of writing, all casinos in the Swedish gaming market are Trustly casinos, and several of them offer exclusively Trustly bank transfer as a payment method.

Using Trustly at Casinos Without Account

It was in 2018 and 2019 that “fast casinos” or ” casino without an account” or “Trustly casinos without Swedish license” became concepts that really broke through. And it was also here somewhere that “Pay N Play” became a concept that saw the light of day. 

Those behind Pay N Play are no less than the payment giant Trustly themselves, which even before the new concept was a big name and a popular payment service in the casino industry.  

The purpose has been to simplify the signup process where the player does not have to create a gaming account in the regular way.

But it is not only the process that has been simplified thanks to Pay N Play, withdrawals also take place quickly at Pay N Play casinos. And this means that the player has their money in the account within a maximum of five minutes. 

Today, Pay N Play is also available in our Nordic neighbors. We do not think it is not a question of “if” but “when” Pay N Play has also taken over large parts of the gaming market in Europe.  

In recent years, Trustly has exploded in popularity when it comes to payment methods. Although the payment method has been on the market for a long time, specially at online casinos, it is only in recent years that more and more players have chosen Trustly as their main payment method. The reason for the huge boost for Trustly at Swedish casinos is that it has been made possible to combine deposits with login and ID verification, thus simplifying the whole process. But we must take it in the right order.

Trustly is not a bank that helps you make payments in a classic way. Instead, the method is an intermediary between your bank (your bank account) and the payee. When you make a payment with a Trustly bank transfer, the money is deducted directly from your bank account. At the same time, Trustly makes sure to credit the amount to the payee (for example, your gaming account) without delay. This means that you do not have to wait for a regular bank transfer, which can take 1 – 2 banking days. Another part of Trustly's business concept is to offer all transactions without additional fees.

Trustly is available without exception at all Swedish casinos, is a free service for you as a payer, and is now also the indisputably fastest payment method when it comes to withdrawals at casinos. 

How Do Pay N Play Casinos Work?

Pay N Play is a very simple concept that means that you can get started at your casino in a few, easy steps. 

Below we will take a closer look at how exactly it works. 

You play without an account, in a way

When you play at Pay N Play casinos, you do not create a regular gaming account in the regular way.  But in a way, a kind of account is still created in such a way that the casino recognizes you the next time you log in with your e-ID. 

It would otherwise have been impossible for you to make withdrawals at a later time because in such cases no info about you would have been saved. 

Thanks to the fact that a kind of player account is also created, your game history is saved. 

This makes it easy to review your habits and keep track of your gambling. 

What Are the Differences Between Trustly and Bank Transfer?

Trustly bank transfer has in many ways been a revolutionary payment method. Bank transfers have long been left behind for card payments, and later e-wallets, due to their slow transaction times and high fees. But with the intermediary Trustly, it has been made possible to carry out instant transactions from the bank account to the gaming account.

As a payment service, Trustly works as an intermediary between your bank and the casino you want to make a payment at. So when you make a deposit to your gaming account, Trustly debits your bank account. The moment you are charged, Trustly sends the money to the casino, which ensures that the money is in the gaming account. It may sound like a long process, but in reality we are talking about a few seconds for the whole process.

So what does it take for you to be able to play at Trustly casino? Actually nothing more than a bank account with a relevant balance on, and an active e-ID. You do not need to register or download any specific software to take advantage of fast payments at Trustly casino.

BankID & Trustly

Pay N Pay means that you must have a BankID because you can not log in to Pay N Play casinos if you do not have one. 

You must also be prepared that you will not be able to use the same payment service that you may have used before. 

If, on the other hand, you are already familiar or used to Trustly, there will be no problems. Pay N Play means that it is the payment service Trustly that is used.

This Is How Pay N Play Casino Works

Trustly is a safe and very user friendly service at the same time. You do not need to obtain an account or the like from Trustly to use the service. Had you needed it, Pay N Play would hardly have been as smooth as it actually is. The whole concept is based on simplicity and Trustly enters as a third party in the transaction. Therefore, you do not disclose any personal info to the casino. All you need to do is select the amount, bank and then verify yourself and your deposit using BankID. 

It's actually not harder than that! 

Few things are easier than making a deposit at a Trustly casino. A casino with Trustly Pay N Play allows you to make a deposit, register and verify at the same time. You get started in four easy steps:

  • Start by entering the amount you want to deposit and click on “deposit”
  • Enter your Social number
  • Select the bank you want to deposit with
  • Confirm your deposit using your bankID or mobile bankID

Your deposit will be credited to your gaming account without delay and you can start playing.

How to Deposit/ Withdraw With Trustly?

When you make deposits at a Pay N Play casino, not much is required of you. 

BankID is thus mandatory, so if you do not already have it, you must obtain it. 

Here's how to make a deposit at a Pay N Play casino: 

1. Press “Play now” or “Deposit” or what exactly your casino has chosen.

2. Select bank and amount. 

3. Verify yourself and your deposit with BankID. 

4. Done! Now you can start playing. 

When you then have to make a withdrawal at your casino, that procedure is just as simple and safe. 

1. Press “Withdraw” or similar, depending on what your casino has named the button. 

2. Select amount. 

3. Verify with BankID.

4. Done! You have the money in the account within a maximum of 5 minutes. 

Secure Deposits and Withdrawals With Trustly

Trustly bank transfer is one of the absolute safest methods of deposits and withdrawals available at the casino. First and foremost, we would like to mention that Trustly is regularly audited by financial control institutions such as the Swedish Financial Supervisory Committee. They are also licensed in accordance with the Payment Service Directive (License PSD, 2007/64 / EC) which means that they comply with EU directives.

To make a casino Trustly withdrawal or deposit, it is always required that you confirm with a protection box or mobile bankID. This means that no one except you (as long as you do not give access to your bank ID to anyone else) can complete a transaction to or from your bank account/ gaming account.

In addition to the fact that it is safe to make deposits and withdrawals with Trustly, it is also easy and fast. To make a withdrawal at a Trustly casino:

Once logged in: go to “withdraw” / “withdraw” and select Trustly as the payment method, then do the following steps:

  • Enter the bank you want to withdraw to.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Confirm your withdrawal with a protection box / mobile bankID.

Depending on how quickly the bank processes your withdrawal, you can withdraw the money in the account within a few minutes

Trustly Casino Bonus

Trustly casino bonuses are common, and to this day we have never seen an online casino or betting site that limits bonuses to players with this payment method. However, many Trustly Pay N Play casinos have chosen to completely eliminate welcome bonuses. We also checked betting sites without SE license here.

This is because you want to keep the gaming experience simple and you should be able to log in, deposit, play and make withdrawals without hassle. With a bonus comes a turnover requirement and other rules and conditions that can, among other things, affect the withdrawal time.

If, after all, you are a person who likes to play with a bonus, there are plenty of Trustly casinos with good offers. In the list further up on this page, we have selected the market's best Swedish casinos with Trustly, of which a large part of them offer a welcome bonus to new players.

We review all casino bonuses before they go up on the list and make sure that the conditions are fair.

Pros of Trustly Casinos

Playing at a Pay N Play casino has many benefits both for you and also for the casino. Let's take a closer look at them.

pros of non gamstop casinos uk
pros of trustly

Benefits for the Casino

The Pay N Play concept may have been created to make it easier for players, but the casinos also benefit from it all. We point out the most obvious benefits below: 

  • Players can be treated equally as everyone uses the same payment method.
  • The casino does not have to exclude players whose credit or debit cards have expired. 
  • The customer service is given time for other things instead of answering questions about deposits and withdrawals. They also avoid asking players to submit documents. 
  • The casino is strong in the competition where some casinos still only offer slower signup processes. 
  • Faster transaction handling.

Benefits for Players

But what are the more obvious benefits for you as a player, besides being fast? We look at this below:

  • You do not have to worry about sensitive info being shared with the casino.
  • Quick deposits where you get the money in the gaming account within a maximum of a few minutes. 
  • Quick withdrawals where you get the money in the bank account within a maximum of a few minutes. 
  • No hidden fees. 
  • High protection. Trustly handles your transactions and data with the utmost protection and respect. 
  • You can focus on the fun! Instead of submitting documents and worrying about cumbersome withdrawals, you can drop it and focus on gambling instead.

Are There Any Downsides?

Now to the inevitable follow up question, are there any cons to playing at Pay N Play casinos?

Most things can be twisted and turned into both pros and cons. Below we list some cons of Pay N Play. 

  • A BankID is required to play at Pay N Play casinos. If you do not have or do not want BankID, you can not play at these casinos. 

Given the point above, it is therefore difficult for people who are temporarily in Sweden to play at Pay N Play casinos on the Swedish market. 

  • To obtain a BankID, a Swedish social number is required. 

If for some reason you do not want to use Trustly for deposits and withdrawals, it will also be a problem because Pay N Play only works with that payment service. 

cons of non gamstop casinos uk
cons of trustly

Although it is only an advantage that Pay N Play is so simple, fast and secure, there is also a downside to it. If you suffer from gambling problems or gambling addiction, it is not advantageous that it is just this quick and easy to get started. 

A more complicated process would probably have made you think through your actions once or twice. 

Feel free to read our guide on responsible gaming if you feel you have problems with your gambling.

Trustly Mobile Casino

Playing at a mobile casino with Trustly is also beneficial for those of you who prefer to play from a mobile device. Above all, it is convenient because a mobile screen is often smaller, which makes it more cumbersome to fill out signup forms. With Trustly Pay N Play, you skip that whole process.

No apps or special software are required to make deposits at a Trustly mobile casino. In fact, the process is extremely simple because you already have everything you need, including e-ID, in your mobile.

All the above perks have together contributed to making Trustly the Swedish gaming market's most popular payment method. 

Trustly Banks

Trustly cooperates with 6,300 banks throughout Europe. This includes most Swedish banks, large and small. If you have a bank account with, for example, SEB, Sparbanken, Sparbanken Syd, Nordea, Danske Bank, Swedbank, Skandia, Ica Banken, and Länsförsäkringar, you can certainly use Trustly.

Pros and Cons of Trustly

Most payment methods have both pros and cons. When it comes to online casinos with Trustly, there are clearly more pros than cons. Below we list positively and negatively with this payment method:


  • You do not share more than necessary info with the casino
  • Casino Trustly withdrawals are among the fastest on the market
  • Free
  • Available at most casinos


  • Requires that you have a bankID with you
  • Transactions to the casino can be seen on bank statements
  • Popular casinos with Trustly

Are There Any Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License?

Trustly is a Swedish company started in 2008. This method guarantees users instant satisfaction, watertight protection and super simple payments. As a Swedish company par excellence, they must accept all Swedish laws and deal only with authorized companies and agencies. Although this method is available in all European countries, Swedish players can only use it in casinos licensed by the Swedish Gaming Commission. Unfortunately, there is no way to get around Swedish law here. However, you can still take part in offshore casinos and use the alternative financial means that we will discuss in this guide. Although you will lose a lot of perks like Pay N Play and high payment limits, you will also get other great perks like huge rewards, generous offers and huge gaming packs.

Which Payment Methods You Can Use at Offshore Casinos?

Not surprisingly, the Swedish Gaming Commission made it difficult for players to access Trustly casinos without a Swedish license. Therefore, Swedish players may encounter difficulties in making deposits and withdrawals from offshore casinos. However, the situation has now changed a lot thanks to the continuous development of alternative payment methods and competition to attract more users and maintain their existing user base.

Casinos without Swedish licenses operate differently from local casinos. As mentioned before, Swedish casinos use the BankID system which enables them to verify all transactions, has a watertight level of protection, and allows users to make their deposits and withdrawals without signing up for the casino or verifying their accounts.

There is another method, which is still new and not yet popular, Freja eID. It is the analogue of BankID that makes it possible to identify a person by code, fingerprint or facial recognition. There are already some casinos that work with this product.

Conversely, Trustly casinos without Swedish license enable the payments in the regular way. Therefore, you will have to sign up for a new account, after which you have to activate your account by sending your personal documents to the casino. Deposits and withdrawals complete within short times but not quite as fast as in Trustly. Offshore casinos accept a wide range of payment options, including:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Mobile payments
  • E-Wallets – Neteller, Skrill
  • Prepaid cards
  • Online Banking
  • Crypto
  • Bank Transfers
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay

Processing Time & Transactions Fees at Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License

In terms of time, e-wallets and cryptos are always the fastest while bank transfers and checks are the longest as sometimes the payment takes up to 28 days specially the first time you make your transaction.

With the exception of bank cards, all the payment methods mentioned above charge a service fee for transactions, specially withdrawals. Since players' requirements are different, each Trustly casino without Swedish license strives to support as many options as possible. Sometimes, Trustly casinos without Swedish license can accept Swedish currency, while if the casino does not accept Svensk krona, you can convert to dollars or any other currency for the conversion fee charged by the payment processor.

Since Trustly has proven to be a very convenient payment system, Swedes naturally want to find them in casinos without a Swedish license as well. However, the intermediary banks will reject any transaction you make in an offshore casino. Thus, you will not be able to make your deposits and withdrawals at Trustly casinos without a Swedish license. Since November 2022, Trustly has been banned in casinos without a Trustly license. However, you can still make your deposits and withdrawals at offshore casinos using alternative financial methods.

Top 5 Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License

The market's best Trustly casinos without Swedish license all have several things in common. It's about offering a really good product that stands up to other competition. Popular online casinos on the Swedish market primarily provide a secure product and tax free winnings, but also a proper range of games from leading game studios, often a generous welcome bonus for new players and simple, secure payment methods with fast withdrawals.

Next, we have listed the best Trustly casinos without a Swedish license. We have taken into account everything from usability and protection, to game offerings, bonus terms, customer service and withdrawal times.

With this in mind, we have then listed our absolute fluffy favorites. And so that you can easily find out more about the Trustly casino that interests you, we have reviewed each one for you. This will make it easy to find the best option for you.

Fancy Reels Casino

Fancy Reels Casino was first launched at the end of 2021. Since then, it became a breakout star and has been able to build a growing base of players thanks to its unique perks. This casino offers a responsive platform that works properly on all Android and iOS devices alike. Exactly as you can guess from the casino name, it focuses mainly on slot games. However, it balances things out by offering a rich selection of table and card games. Furthermore, the casino lounge has a distinct section of the live casino where you can find all the table games, cards and amazing gaming offers. To offer a unique gaming library, the casino works with more than 150 major providers including Play’nGo, BetSoft and Wazdan.

To facilitate access to all casino content, there is plenty of viewing, rating, sorting options and an easy to use search function. Although the casino does not have an app available for download, Fancy Reels players will hardly feel the absence of this app as the mobile platform does the job. The web based platform gives players an excellent and all in one gaming experience on the go! To make your time at Fancy Rails casino, the casino offers you a standard set of offers, the welcome bonus comes on top of the offers that you can get on this site where new players can get triple bonuses of up to three thousand euros. 

Jinx Casino

Although Jinx Casino is still a modern website, it gives players unmatched potential for fun and profit. When you sign up for this casino for the first time, you will have the chance to get a huge welcome bonus with a maximum value of €3000. After taking advantage of this offer, players will be able to take advantage of a weekly 10% cashback offer in addition to many other offers. Although this casino does not hold a Swedish Gaming Commission license this can be an advantage, specially for players looking for Trustly casinos without Swedish license as the site supports a wide range of financial methods including bank cards, e-wallets and prepaid options as well. On the go, you can count on a mobile platform specially designed for gamers of smartphones and tablets.

Pulp Casino

Pulp Casino will bring back memories of horror, crime and entertaining stories of the 70's. This site offers a wide range of incentives and customized promos. When you open a new account, you will receive a welcome bonus on your first three deposits amounting to three thousand five hundred euros. After this bonus, you will be able to get a lot of extra offers to enrich your gaming experience and charge it with more profits. Among the best perks that Pulp Casino also promises its players is the top class customer service and the mobile friendly platform. In short, this casino includes all the basics needed to be one of the best Trustly casinos without a Swedish license.

Mostro Casino

Mostro Casino is one of the newest online gambling sites that offer players a premium and high quality gaming experience! The platform of this casino has an attractive and high quality design and you can access it through your smartphone or tablet simply. This site belongs to RNB Consult Ltd which is a famous company that operates under the supervision of the Curaçao Games Committee. In addition, the casino protects the financial, personal data of its customers using firewalls, encryption protocols, and other means of protection.

Players looking for casinos without Swedish license will be able to make their deposits and withdrawals using bank cards, e-wallets and cryptos as well. The site offers both its new and loyal players an excellent range of offers and ideal rewards. Generally, every time you make a new deposit you will get a new bonus from the casino. One of the strongest perks of this website is the customer service that is always available and around the clock. You can contact support agents via live chat, email, and phone call as well.

Amigo Wins Casino

Amigo Wins Casino features Mexican gangsters with their distinctive hats and weapons hanging from their belts. Pictures of these troublemakers will accompany you in all the pages and sections of this modern site. This casino works very flexibly on all smartphones and tablets and offers a wide range of payment options that you can use to transact with, making it one of the best alternatives to casinos without Swedish license. The site offers a three stage welcome offer for new players, not to mention permanent bonuses for loyal players. The game library of this player includes an endless number of slots, table games, cards and live casino games.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Playing at Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License?

A lot of differences today between the Swedish gaming sites and Trustly casinos without Swedish license. Of course, many of these changes are based on the new gaming laws that came into force in Sweden in 2019 and later also in 2020.

One of the biggest benefits of Trustly casinos without Swedish license is that they are not include gaming breaks and deposit limits. At offshore gambling sites, bonus amounts are largely unlimited and you can also play for whatever amounts you want. The downside of offshore casinos is that they do not maintain the same protection as in Sweden. The licensing process on the Swedish market is extensive and only the safest casino sites receive a license. It is not quite that complicated to get a license from foreign casinos and a big reason why they do not meet the same standard.

Is It Illegal To Play At Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License?

No, it is entirely possible to play at offshore online casinos without it being illegal in any way. Trustly casinos without Swedish license, on the other hand, may not be target Swedish players, but regardless of whether a casino does or not, you as a player can still choose to play on these sites without it being illegal for that matter.

During the first three months of 2022, Swedes played for over half a billion on Trustly casinos without Swedish license!

Do I Have To Pay Tax on Winnings From Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License?

If a casino holds the license of any European country, you do not have to pay tax on winnings from these gaming sites. This generally applies to MGA casinos, which are therefore within the EU. However, winnings from Curacao casinos are subject to taxes.

Pros and Cons

There are reasons why more and more Swedes choose to play on foreign casino sites. The general perception has gradually eased towards casinos that do not have a license as the Swedish gaming laws have become increasingly strict. There are also good reasons to try offshore casinos and we will explain these here. But in summary, the bonuses are much better. Also, there are no game limits at Trustly casinos without Swedish license.

  • Offshore casinos doesn’t integrate with Spelpaus. So, you can play on these even if you are on Spelpaus.
  • Casinos abroad do not have gaming limits. On the other hand, Swedish casino sites have weekly limits of SEK 5,000 or SEK 100.
  • Winnings from MGA casinos are generally tax free.
  • Curacao is not located within the EU, therefore profits from it are not tax free.
  • Foreign casinos offer games without an account and fast withdrawals through payment methods such as Trustly and Zimpler.

Quick Stats About Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License

  • At the beginning of 2022, 60,000 players had shut themselves off from casino games in Sweden through Spelpaus. But they can still choose to play at casinos without a license.
  • Some of the most popular payment methods abroad are Bitcoins, ecoPayz, Entercash and Skrill
  • Foreign casinos do not have to pay the profit tax of 18% that Swedish licensed gaming companies must pay.
  • As many as 20% of all Swedish casino players said that they have tried to play at an offshore casino.
  • Only a third of Swedes think that the license played an important role in choosing a casino.

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FAQs About Trustly Casinos Without Swedish License

Are there deposit limits at Trustly casinos without Swedish license?

No, one of the biggest benefits of casinos without Swedish license is that they are not subject to the strict restrictions that apply in the Swedish market. Not least the bonuses are very generous, which is a big reason why many choose to play on casino without Swedish license.

Which payment methods are safe at Trustly casinos without Swedish license?

Most payment solutions offered on casinos without Swedish license are secure. But the methods that attract Swedish players are Trustly and Zimpler. These methods offer safe and fast deposits and withdrawals.

Can I play at Trustly casino without a Swedish license?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to play at casinos that do not have a license. There are hundreds of different things to choose from. So, check out our complete and updated list to find the best casino sites without a license.

Can you get reload bonuses at Trustly casinos without Swedish license?

Yes, this is another big reason why many people choose MGA casinos or Curacao casinos. You can get an enormous number of rewards and offers that you cannot get in Sweden. In addition, these bonuses include both lots of free spins and other types of rewards.

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