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Online gambling can be very entertaining. However, not everything always goes smoothly. It often happens that players have a complaint about an online casino. In this article we explain what you can do if you have a complaint about an online casino. We also tell you how you can prevent complaints.

You Have a Complaint About an Online Casino, But What Now

What Are Online Casino complaints about?

A complaint about an online casino can be about different things. The most common complaints are about:

  • Casino bonus terms and conditions
  • Applying conditions
  • Account verification
  • Delayed payouts

What Do These Online Casino Complaints Mean?

At the top of this list is exactly: bonus conditions. Online casinos are very strict when applying these conditions. Usually players pay less attention to this. It therefore regularly happens that casino players violate the bonus conditions. As a result, prize money is not paid out, to the misunderstanding of many players. That is why a complaint often follows.

What If You Have a Complaint About an Online Casino? Reliable Online Casino Gaming Tips

Although many casinos are reliable, this is not the case for all casinos. Some casinos interpret their own (bonus) conditions very ‘broadly'. They indicate that the player does not meet the conditions and refuse to pay out winnings. This often results in a discussion between player and casino. In addition, some casinos do not have the account verification process in order. This means you have to wait too long for approval from the casino. As a result, winnings are not paid out on time. Players often become impatient because of this and want to get the money faster. You guessed it, this also causes complaints.

Casinos have a habit of prolonging payouts anyway. Secretly, these casinos hope that you will bet and lose the money you have won again because of the delay. Don't fall for this! Do you want to receive the money in your account? Then don't gamble with it. Even if the payout takes longer than you hope.

How Can You Prevent a Complaint About an Online Casino?

Although a complaint about an online casino cannot always be prevented, you can try. The most important thing is that you play at a reliable online casino. In the online casino reviews on this website you can read whether a casino is reliable. Don't play at unreliable casinos, no matter how great the game selection and bonuses seem. It often happens that these casinos do not pay out winnings. This is very annoying for you as a player.

Whether a casino is reliable is also reflected in the number of complaints about the casino. You never read complaints about some popular casinos, while the flow of complaints at other casinos does not seem to stop.

In addition, make sure that you are aware of the bonus conditions and general terms and conditions. We understand that it is ‘boring' to read these conditions, but this can help you avoid problems in the future. For example, you know on which games you can bet a casino bonus and how high the maximum bet is. You can also read here whether you are entitled to a bonus if you deposit with Skrill or Neteller, for example. Do you not check these conditions and do you exceed them? Then the casino can refuse the payout.

Also remember to install computer or phone updates in a timely manner, keep them virus-free and ensure that your ad blocker does not affect online gambling. This way you reduce the chance that your computer will freeze while gambling. It is very annoying if you miss out on winnings due to a stuck device, which can result in a discussion with the casino.

What Can You Do If You Have an Online Casino Complaint?

Are you unexpectedly having problems with an online casino? Then it is important to find a solution. This starts with evidence. Make sure you have evidence to support your position. Save email messages, a transcript of chat contact and remember who you speak to when you call the casino. Also take screenshots if this can support your position. By providing good evidence you can avoid a yes-or-no game with a bit of luck.

You will also find the complaints procedure in the casino's terms and conditions. File an official complaint, according to official procedure. Continue to collect all contacts and evidence. Are you unable to find a suitable solution together with the casino? Then different routes are possible. The terms and conditions often include an independent third party that can mediate in the event of complaints. If you do not find this, you can contact the supervisor.

Limit yourself to the heart of the matter. Don't send long rants and try to keep angry emotions to yourself. A file with convincing evidence is worth more than an email full of swear words. No matter how difficult this is sometimes.

Does It Make Sense to Complain to the Supervisor?

We have mentioned that in the worst case scenario you can contact the supervisor. Some supervisors are very helpful, other supervisors less so. So it depends on who the supervisor is. That is why it is also important to look at the license when choosing an online casino to take a gamble.

In general, there is little point in complaining to regulators located outside Europe. Supervisors in Antigua, Costa Rica and Curaçao are generally not very helpful. The British regulator, the UKGC, only represents the interests of gamblers living in the United Kingdom. Complaints from players living in another country will not be considered.

The authorities in Gibraltar and Malta always handle complaints. These authorities strictly control the casino conditions. No matter how ridiculous a condition is, you must meet the casino conditions. Are you violating the conditions? Then your complaint is unfounded. This once again indicates how important it is to read the conditions carefully.

How Do I Choose the Right Online Casino?

It is important to only play at reliable online casinos. Are you choosing the right casino? Then the chance of a complaint about an online casino is small. We have some tips to help you with this:

  • Play at a casino that is on the list of the best online casinos
  • Do not play at blocklisted casinos
  • Read the casino terms and conditions and bonus conditions carefully
  • Please adhere to these conditions
  • Check whether the casino is licensed
  • Collect evidence if something goes differently than desired
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