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Horse Racing at Non GamStop Sportsbooks? Whether or not you love it, you will certainly not disagree with the fact that horse racing is a unique sport! In this sport, the jockey and the trainer develop strong bonds with the horse as they can understand his moods, know his desires and even play with him. This relationship is reflected in the results of the race where you can find the horse is angry and does not want to continue the race or enjoys the composition and want to win.

From the very beginning of horse racing life, the sport's economy was based on betting to award prizes to winners, caring for horses, and maintaining the racecourse. Check also new casinos not on Gamstop.

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However, horse racing can be intimidating to newbies as the sport is still based on distance scales established at the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries! Therefore, at first, it will be very difficult to decipher the details provided about the horses. The bets can also be confusing, especially group bets.

With that in mind, we created this guide to help novice bettors win their bets on horse racing at non GamStop bookmakers. This post will help you find out what types of bets are available at horse racing at Non GamStop sportsbooks, the most popular tournaments, and the most popular free tools available that you can use to improve your results.

How to Bet on Horse Racing at Non GamStop Sportsbooks Sites?

If you want to bet on one of the available horse races, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Choose one of the sports betting sites that we recommend to you on our site;
  • Click on the “Register” tab;
  • Fill in the form with your personal data;
  • Make your first deposit and get the welcome offer;
  • You can now place your bet on the selected horse race.
  • If you have already made any winnings it will be automatically added to your account on the sports betting site.

How Do Odds Work in Non GamStop Betting Sites?

Horse racing betting is based on the pari-mutuel wagering system, which means that punters place bets against each other, not the house. This applies to straight bets, place bets (the bet in which the horse comes second), and other types of bets that we will discuss later in some detail.

Types of Horse Races

There are two main types of professional horse racing:

  • Flat track race. This race is a gallop directly between two points around a straight or oval track. It takes place over a distance of 1 mile or more, at speeds approaching (64 km/h) or even faster. The winner is one who hit the finish line before other competitors. 
  • Hurdles Race. Unlike flat track, the steeplechase race isn’t a speed challenge only, as it also contains obstacles over three and a half feet high which the horse should jump over and run without losing its speed! There are also other barriers such as water ponds and earth pits. All types of hurdles require jumping from the horse, and robust control from the jockey while keeping the speed or even increasing it as the goal of this race is to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible before the other competitors. 

Types of Bets on Horse Races at Non GamStop Bookmakers

There are two types of horse racing betting: straight bets and exotic bets. It is worth noting that straight bets offer low profits, but they have high winning chances, while odd bets offer huge returns but they have low winning chances.

Straight Bets

It is very easy to understand straight bets as there are only three types of them – Win, Place, and Show.

  • Win Bet. This is the simplest form of straight bet where you decide which horse will cross the finish line before the rest.
  • Place Bet. In this bet, the player predicts the horse to take first or second place.
  • Show Bet. In this bet, the player selects a horse to end up in first, second or third place.

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets are combo bets that cover multiple choices. Although these bets are difficult to predict accurately, they offer huge payouts to winners. There are two types of exotic bets – horizontal bets and vertical. We will now go over each type in more detail below

  • Horizontal bets. In Horizontal bets, you are betting on 2 horses in two races, 3 horses in three races, or 4 horses in four races, and you can bet on 6 horses in six as well. To win, all the horses you initially bet on must win. Note that if you only lose one bet, you will lose the entire value of your bet unless the sports betting site offers you a security feature.
  • Vertical bets. Vertical bets require you to predict the final standings of the race. That is, you must select (the first and second place winner), or (the first place winner, second place, and third place winner).

Horse Racing Betting Odds

Horse Racing at Non GamStop Sportsbooks? Before you start betting on horse racing, it is important that you understand the odds and how they work so that you can place wise bets.

Fractional (British) odds consist of two numbers separated by a slash, like 1/10, this form represents the ratio of the profit won to the stake. To further clarify, we have given you several examples below:

  • (9/1)  For every €1 you wager, you will win €9.
  • (4/1)  For every €1 you wager, you will win €4.
  • (1/1)  For every €1 you wager you will win €1.
  • (1/4)  For every €4 you wager, you'll win €1.

Once you get used to the betting odds at bookmakers, you will find it very easy to place the right bet on horse racing.

What Are Race Cards?

The race card is a map with inclusive information about the race where you can find details about the participating horses, jockeys, and the racecourse.

If you are physically present at a race, you will receive the race card upon arrival, you can see it as a kind of news newspaper. Information on the race cards is, for example, the age and weight of a horse.

In addition, you can also see at a glance whether a horse is in good shape and what the participant's most recent performances were.

Also, non GamStop bookmakers offer these cards virtually, where you will find these details:

  • Race name and start time
  • Prize money for the participating horses
  • Distance of the race
  • Position of the horse in the stalls
  • The current shape of horses
  • The horses’ recent results in previous races

The Largest Horse Races in the World

Horse betting events are held all over the world. However, the high-profile races in England, the USA and the UAE are the largest and most popular.

The horse betting events are known for their sky-high prize pools. The participants have a chance to win millions of euros and of course eternal honour. Below we have already listed some major racing events.

Breeders' Cup in the United States

The Breeders Cup is the largest and most popular horse racing tournament in the United States. The horse race is part of the Triple Crown and is one of the most successful races in the world. 

The participants have a chance to win millions of dollars. In 2007, more than €23 million was paid out to the winning horses.

World Cup Carnival in Dubai

The World Cup Carnival in Dubai is one of the most prestigious races of the year. As you can guess, the races take place in the UAE. The race has only been around since 1996, but the huge prize pool has made the event incredibly popular.

Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the UK's renowned horse racing events. The most famous horses from England and Ireland compete in Gloucestershire. See also how to gamble not on gamstop in Belfast.

The Cheltenham Festival usually takes place on March 17, which is St. Patrick's Day. The first edition of the horse racing event was organized in 1902.

Grand National in Liverpool, England

The Grand National is one of the oldest horse races in the world. The annual event is hosted in Liverpool, England. Since 1836, the best horses have competed against each other at Aintree. The race was part of a three-day event and is the closing number.

The steeplechase is world-famous and attracts more than 600 million spectators every year. The Grand National is traditionally held at the beginning of April.

The participating horses must complete two laps. The horses have to deal with various obstacles, including hedges and the well-known ‘water jump'. Single jumps carry many risks. In the past, many horses have been injured at the event which angered animal welfare committees.

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