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Tennis at non GamStop bookmakers? When it comes to global betting popularity, no individual sport can rival the popularity of tennis. With tournaments played throughout the year, and big names like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer, this game is increasingly popular around the world. In addition, tennis is consistently ranked as one of the most wagered sports in the world. Non GamStop betting sites are increasingly offering more tennis betting options, including the popular live betting options. Moreover, you can try your luck at casinos not on Gamstop.

In this manual, we take a detailed look at all options and explain what they all mean. 

List of top Non GamStop Casinos

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Last updated: May 2024

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How to Bet on Tennis at Non GamStop Betting Sites?

On our site, we recommend the best betting options on tennis at non GamStop bookmakers that you can easily subscribe to through your smartphone or tablet. Immediately after creating a new account, you can make your first deposit and get your welcome bonus to be able to start playing on the site. 

Select Tennis

At non GamStop bookmakers, you can not only bet on tennis but also on many other sports. However, for this explanation, we want to bet on tennis, so we select that sport in the left column. Tennis is almost at the top because it is one of the most popular sports. If you didn’t find it you can use the search function.

At non GamStop bookmakers, you can find the most current tournaments at the top. For this example, we'll take a game from the Davis Cup. However, at non GamStop bookmakers, you can also bet on other ATP tournaments, WTA tournaments, Challengers and the Grand Slams.

Find the Match You Want to Bet on & Select the Result

Once you've found the right tournament under tennis, it's time to find the match you want to bet on.

At non GamStop bookmakers, matches are listed by date.

In this example, we want to bet on the match between Jannik Sinner – Marin Cilic.

You can bet in 58 different ways on this game, but we'll keep it simple for this example. We click on Jannik Sinner, 1.28.

Choose Your Bet

By clicking on a result, that option will turn white and see that match at the bottom of your bet slip.

You have a form with €0.00 in it. In this field, you can enter an amount in euros. Next, it automatically appears how much you can win with that result.

The @1.28 on your bet slip means that for every €1 wagered on this option you will get €1.28 if your prediction comes true. In the example, we bet €10 on Sinner. If Sinner wins Cilic's match, we will be paid €12.80, so we can make a maximum profit of €2.80.

Confirm Your Bet

Once you have selected a match and entered your bet amount, the confirmation button will turn green which you can click on to activate your bet.

Just Wait!

If you have successfully placed your bet, all you can do is wait for the end of the match. 

What Are Tennis Bets?

There are countless betting options available at offshore sports betting sites. In the next part, we will explain to you the most popular of them:

Match Betting

The most preferred option among tennis bettors is the outcome bet which gives you two betting options:

  • Player 1
  • Player 2

Both of these options have different odds depending on the competing players and the size of the tournament. Each game has a favourite and underdog. After all, if one tennis player is much better than the other, he is likely to win. However, this means that the potential earnings will be lower. This also works the other way: if the player is much worse, the potential winnings are much higher because the chance that your prediction will turn out to be correct is lower.

Correct Score

Predicting the right score in tennis is tough, but it's a little easier than in soccer. In football, this bet is not limited to determining the winning outcome only, but the bettors must also determine the exact number of goals that each team will score. In tennis, by contrast, correct score bet is placed on the exact score of one game within a set.

Outright Bet

The most common and perhaps the easiest type of bet is the outright type. This bet asks players to determine the final winner of the tournament without having to select anything else or delve into the tournament and each match.

To win this bet, you need to choose only one player that you think is the strongest and has the highest chance of winning. However, it should be noted that choosing the tournament winner from a large number of players is not an easy task and requires the player to evaluate all available players to know each player's strengths and weaknesses.

Another form of outright bet is to each-way betting. In this bet, you choose a player to win the championship or finish in second place. This means that if your player wins the tournament, you will win both bets, but if he loses the first position, you will lose your first bet and win the second bet.

Handicap Bet

It is an interesting and more difficult type of tennis betting. The bookmaker sets a specific performance for the player and you have to expect the player to perform better or worse than expected. If your prediction actually comes true, you will win your bet. You can choose a handicap bet for groups or the outcome of the match as a whole.

Live Betting on Tennis at non GamStop Bookmakers

Live bets are the hottest trend in the sports betting industry as they do not require players to collect data or statistics about the tournament or the players; You just have to watch the action and predict what will happen over the next few minutes. There is a wide range of options available in live betting which includes betting on who will score the next point, the next round, the total points in the set, or the results of the correct games.

Of course, betting odds are constantly changing. So, you need to be vigilant when placing a live bet.

The Best Tennis Betting Markets

It is important to note that all of tennis betting markets have advantages and risks. If you are still a beginner, you should not think about collecting the maximum amount of profits. Instead, you should focus on choosing simple bets and just enjoy betting as a part of the game. As your experience grows, you can choose more complex bets to make more profits.

What we personally recommend is to avoid accumulator bets and all types of group bets as they indulge very high risks.

What Are the Top Tennis Tournaments to Bet on?

One of the most important advantages of tennis at non GamStop bookmakers is that there are a lot of tournaments available throughout the year that you can bet on, such as:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open

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