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Money back from an illegal online casino? That depends on the provider where you gambled and when this was. it is possible to claim your money back under certain conditions, but It is crucial to only play at a reliable not on GamStop online casino that has a license from the UKGC. In the UK, there have been many lawsuits in which players have managed to recover their lost money at an illegal casino. A number of statements are also known in Germany and the Netherlands.

Legal online gaming at online casinos is allowed in the UK, but only at casinos with a UKGC license. However, we often see that players still choose to play at an illegal foreign casino. Do you want your money back from an online casino because you think you are entitled to it? Then you must report this yourself to the relevant provider.

There is a significant chance that an illegal provider will not cooperate with a refund. If this is the case, you have no choice but to seek legal advice to increase your chances of a refund. 

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Can you also get money back at a legal online casino? This is only possible if the casino has made a mistake. Always try to contact the casino first, it is often possible to reach an agreement together. If this does not work, you can file a complaint. 

Casinos that hold such a license are subject to strict licensing requirements. As a result, the chance of an unfair situation with these reliable providers is extremely small. The need to request money back from a reliable provider will therefore not occur often.

Online Casino Complaint

Can't get out? Don't worry, we'll come to your rescue. Through our article: Do you have an online casino complaint? What (not) to do, we will give you further information about your online casino complaint.

The UKGC ensures that legal online casinos adhere to the rules, but can only enforce them. So you cannot contact the UKGC if you have gambled at an illegal casino. As a player you are actually responsible for this. You can find various information on the internet that will help you see which casinos are legal and safe to play at. Visit our casino page to view all online casinos that are currently reliable, safe and legal in the UK.

Awards & Seals of Approval Are Often Misleading

In order to gain the trust of users and present themselves as a reputable and officially approved online casino or sports betting portal, the operators resort to supposedly verified seals of quality such as “Licensed in Europe” or other awards and certificates. However, such seals often do not originate from the UK, but were issued to the provider in countries such as Malta. And that makes the casinos and betting providers illegal in the UK.

In addition, with a few exceptions, many online casinos were also operating illegally for players. And even if the online casino is based abroad: If the operator offers its service on the British market, the British law applies to it. Online casinos and betting providers that do not have a seal of approval from the UK therefore continue to operate their services in the UK illegally. This means that players are entitled to a refund of the stakes they have paid.

Claim Money Back From Online Casino & Sports Betting Providers

If you played at online casinos and online sports betting without the UKGC license, you can claim back the money they lost there from the casino operator. The loss can generally be claimed retroactively for up to ten years from the time you first became aware of the illegality of the offer. What sounds simple at first is, however, associated with certain hurdles in practice that the layperson can rarely overcome alone. In the event of a claim for reimbursement, legal know-how is therefore essential in order to be able to successfully take action against the online casino operator or the sports betting provider.

Claiming Money Back From Online Casinos – Here's How

Does the online casino refund money lost? Many rulings are in favor of the players.

Players only get money back from the online casino if they explicitly claim their gambling losses – ideally with the support of a lawyer. Not only does he check the prospects of success of this plan, but he is also familiar with the relevant case law, which often rules in favor of the player. Without legal representation, however, there is a risk that the casino will refuse to pay.

The chances of suing an illegal online casino are quite good, but the respective factual and legal situation always needs to be examined. Many courts have already ruled in favor of the players

Anyone who wants to claim money back from an online casino should remember one thing: a successful lawsuit in court is only the first step. If the casino does not pay voluntarily after being convicted, the player must enforce their claim – a difficult undertaking if the operators are based abroad.

Losses in Online Casinos: Claim Money Back After Instant Transfer

Payment service providers are also not allowed to participate in illegal gambling. Section 4 Paragraph 1 Clause 2 of the Gambling Ordinance 2021 is very clear:

“Organising and brokering without this permission (illegal gambling) as well as participating in payments in connection with illegal gambling are prohibited.”

  • Illegal online casino: Money back from an instant transfer is available by means of a chargeback.
  • Illegal online casino: Money back from an instant transfer is available by means of a chargeback.

If an (instant) transfer to the casino was made not too long ago, players can request a chargeback from the bank or the respective payment provider. According to the law, this should be possible up to eight weeks after the transaction, although some financial service providers also grant their customers longer periods.

However, some payment service providers refuse to return the money transferred to the online casino because they have to bear the costs of the chargeback. In such a case, the player's only option is to file a lawsuit. However, the chances of success of this are currently difficult to assess: the legal situation is still unclear and the courts' decisions are inconsistent, which is why a lawsuit against the casino in question is more appropriate.

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