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Love Island is one of Britain’s most successful soap operas. Although it is not based on a plot, its format is very interesting and combines both reality shows, love TV series, and travel and dating stories. All of these components turn into a big puzzle that the viewer has to solve, interact with and participate in through the mobile app of the series!

The first season of this series was filmed in 2018, and this season was broadcast in 2019. However, viewers believe that this series is a continuation of the popular series that aired in 2005 on ITV and had the same name.

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In terms of viewership ratings, this series has been named the most watched series on ITV2. In 2020 it was the most watched TV show of all time. Although things are rosy so far, there is intense controversy about this series. Some believe it’s a ‘horrific and diabolical’ show. At the time of this writing, eight actors have committed suicide.

On the other hand, bettors love this series because it has wide room for prediction. The viewer can guess who will be kicked off the island, who will be separated, who will recouple and, of course, who will win the £50,000 in the end! In this post, we will give you all the info you need to know about this series, how to bet on it, and what are the best sports betting sites where you can bet on Love Island.

What Is Love Island?

Across eight series so far, viewers have enjoyed escalating dramas, fiery romances, and the myriad islanders who inhabit Villa Mallorca. If you haven’t watched any of the seasons of this series yet, you have plenty to catch up on. Each season consists of dozens of weekly episodes and hundreds of daily episodes. However, viewers, especially young people, should have great pleasure in watching this series.

The series features ordinary guys (not seasoned actors) who live on a secluded island in a villa in Mallorca, and of course, they are filmed day and night all season. However, weekly episodes are edited, which also include exclusive clips, scenes and dialogues. Therefore, it is, of course, better to watch the weekly episodes and not the daily episodes.

To continue in the villa, each member has to interact with the others. If he remains aloof or refuses to enter into relationships and competitions, he will be expelled. This interaction can be done based on love, friendship, money, or even deceiving others. Remember that for the producer and viewer, the number one goal is to create a fast-paced drama. For the contestants, the number one goal is to get the love island of his life and win the big cake, £50,000.

What Are the Format of the Love Island?

Although the format of Love Island has changed a lot over the past eight seasons, its main features remain the same. In the early start, all participants marry based only on first impressions. This marriage can succeed, the partners can swap each other, or the audience may decide to exclude both spouses.

This means that the participant has to choose a successful partner or else they will leave the villa – remember that the prize for finding the right partner is £50,000!

Unlike other reality TV shows, the audience here is not satisfied with the role of the viewer only but can also intervene in the formulation of events. Specifically, the audience can decide who will continue and who will leave. Moreover, the crowd chooses who wins the grand prize. This means that bettors should not forget to follow the hashtag love island on Twitter and read the series’ reviews as well.

How Does the Love Island Process Work?

In the first season of Love Island, it was Caroline Flack who presented Thursday’s episode directly. However, the audience reacted negatively to this particular episode as it looked like an analytical studio for the series’ events. Furthermore, many viewers felt that this episode was affecting the series or at least decreasing the audience’s immersion with the events. Therefore, from Season 2 onwards, the Love Island franchise has cancelled all live episodes (except for the final episode).

Participants can communicate with other members through verbal dialogue or text messages only. Messages usually include challenges or news of exclusion or re-pairing. To break the ice between the participants and create dramatic situations, the islanders participate in various games. In many seasons, these challenges have shown whether the two partners can be successful couple or not. Moreover, the winners of these challenges can get special prizes, and sometimes they can even win dates.

What Are the Betting Odds on Love Island?

For some, Love Island is just a fun summer dating series. Others see it as a great way to pass the time. However, for sports bettors, Love Island is a great way to predict upcoming events. It is clear that the third team already has a large number of supporters. This is evident when analyzing the word “Love Island Bet Odds” on Google Adwords, as there are 10 thousand people looking to see the betting odds available on this series every month. In the next section, we’ll give you a quick look at each pair’s performance over the past weeks, why they deserve to win this season, and give each pair’s winning odds and what the potential payouts are.

Note: All the winnings we have mentioned below come from the best sports betting UK site , Richy Fish.

Ekin-Su and Davide

This duo is the mother and father of the villa! Despite their occasional argument, they are one of the best islanders not only in the series but in the entire history of Love Island.

They both entered the villa like thunderous shells – David on the first day and Ekin-Su two days later. After that, they paired up at the end of the first week.

Although they quickly got together, in their beginnings, The audience did not expect this couple to live long, especially after they described each other as a “liar” and “traitor”. However, we can say that these charged arguments mean that there is something great there between them, while the cold relations do not contain tense talks and light quarrels at the lunch table, only sepulchral silence! The odds of this duo is the highest ever (9/10). However, as they are the ultimate favourites and score the highest odds, if you place a €10 bet on them at Richy Fish, you will only get €12.22.

Tasha and Andrew

It’s safe to say that the duo of Tasha and Andrew have had the most difficult journey between the pairs in the series. They’ve been a cable since day one. However, Tasha was clearly waiting for someone better. So, she decided to explore her options with both Charlie and Jay. Although the audience made fun of her, we must not forget that Love Island is primarily a dating show! In short, as the well-known writer Paulo Coelho puts it, “we must look far to know the value of what is near.”

If you bet on this duo in Bonus Strike bookmaker with €10, you will get a payout of €110. This meant that dropping into the danger zone several times made them an absolute underdog.

Gemma and Luca

We could say that up until the middle of the series, Gemma and Luca were the close favourites. Most sports bettors were willing to bet on them with everything they had. However, now things are completely different as their relationship is marred by a lot of jealous spats. The odds of this duo are 6/10. If you bet €10 on them, you will get €110.

Dami and Indiyah

India and Dami were a controversial couple when they first met. Although they had careless affection at first, they showed great parenting skills in the Baby Challenge. Here it is worth noting an important thing which is that many people complete their relationships only because of their burning desire for parenthood. The odds of this duo winning is 7.5/10. If you bet on them for €10, you will get €150 if you win.

Where can I bet?

You can bet on Love Island at a wide range of new non GamStop bookmakers, such as:


Everyone is waiting for the moment when the winning couple will receive the envelope containing the prize check. Although the islanders are different, they are all close to winning. Moreover, the past episodes have seen a lot of signs that most couples can have a happy marriage. However, remember that only one pair will win. Therefore, it is important to have a strong and clear intuition about the winner. If so, you can sign up for one of the sites we recommended to you earlier, get your welcome bonus and start playing.

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