Sorare platform, is it on gamstop?

Recently, the Sorare platform has gained immense popularity among sports bettors within the UK’s GamStop. Although it started very recently in 2019, it has built up a strong players base of 600,000 customers. Try new platform Sorare here.

In this review we will take a comprehensive look at all the offerings and services of this Sorare to understand what makes it unique, how it differs from other football fantasy platforms, and its key pros and cons.

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Last updated: May 2024

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What Is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football platform built on Ether blockchain. Players on this platform are “imaginary coaches” their mission is to exchange virtual player cards with other coaches. After preparing their final players selection, they can join the local, regional and global competition. According to the real football players results, fantasy coaches score points and wins.

It is worth noting that fantasy football is not betting because participants buy and sell cards without betting on unknown outcomes. Therefore, fantasy managers can make profits only based on their skills and strategies.

All the players’ cards on Sorare are permanent and can’t be forfeited. So, for example, if you purchase Harry Kane this season, you can set him on your following season selection.

Participation in all tournaments is free for all managers. When you win one of the championships you bet on, you can win an Ether prize or obtain new cards up your mind.

Besides being one of the most popular fantasy platforms, Sorare is one of the most successful NFT projects on the sports scene. Indeed, having successful platforms based on blockchain tech drives the industry forward and increases investors’ confidence.

While making your deposits and withdrawals here, you won’t have to enter your bank account details, carry out identity checks or even conduct the KYC procedure! Just give your wallet ID, enter the transaction amount, and confirm! That easy.

How to Play on Sorare?

You can create a new account on the platform, like creating a new account on any social media platform or online casino where you have to fill in the subscription form with your info. Then, you will be given two options; The first is to play in free mode, and the second is to play for real money.

The free version, Rookie League, gives you free cards that you can use to build your team. If you win, you will get more demo cards (but you won’t win Ether). There is no time frame for the Rookie League gameplay, you can develop your skills and enhance your strategies until you decide to upgrade to the next level.

The paid version works on the same rules; The only difference is that the managers will get the cards by buying them from the platform or other players or exchanging them for different cards.

In addition, the platform offers an inclusive blog that explains the most important info you need to know about teams and players, how to manage your team, what are essential tips and strategies for bidding and other useful details.

How to Take a Part in the SO5 Tournaments?

The most important product on the Sorare platform is the SO5 tournaments, in which managers form a selection of only five players. They get points ranging from 0 to 100 based on the performance of their players during the matches. The team structure should be something like this:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Attacker
  • Additional player (in any position)

In addition, you can nominate one player to be a leader, and you would get a 20% bonus if your prediction came true. That is just the tip of the iceberg as there are more generous prizes available on Sorare.

The points you get are calculated based on a complex score matrix that calculates everything a player does from tackles, passes, deductions missed chances, assists, goals. In other words, every time the commentator repeats your player’s name, you will earn more points and, therefore more winnings!

Since Sorare offers permanent digital players cards, managers can use the platform for trading; where they buy players at a low cost and then sell them at a high price. For example, when a player is injured or out of season, his price drops, giving speculators an excellent opportunity to buy him, then sell him when he recovers and get back on form. You can also focus on creating solid teams that participate in the most prominent global tournaments to collect as many points as possible in a short period.

Some other coaches prefer to reap long-term profits by buying young players or substitutes who are likely to be major and influential players later.

What Makes Sorare Special?

The main feature of Sorare is its reliance on the blockchain. Although there have been previous unsuccessful experiences of fantasy blockchain platforms such as Football Index and Footstock, you may be worried that the platform will face a similar fate. However, of course, this will not happen soon for many reasons, the most significant of which is the huge popularity that digital currencies have.

The platform has been able to collect one million users so far. Furthermore, the number of enthusiasts for Ether and other cryptocurrencies is rising. Therefore, Sorare is not likely to face a similar fate, at least in the foreseeable future. In addition, the platform amassed a huge funding amount of 680 million dollars in only one session. This money, of course, will help it to grow, continue and provide native apps for smartphones.

Overall, the most crucial advantage of Sorare is that the cards you buy can be yours forever! In addition, the number of available cards is always small. However, it is worth noting that the platform issues an extra batch of cards when the prices of some players go crazy to generate high profits. But, in general, the supply and demand process is limited to the maximum cards/season.

Although you need to learn a little info about cryptos, if you’re a neophyte in this regard, you can get double profits when the prices of the players you bought and the cost of Ether go up at the same time!

Last but not least, the Sorare platform is easy to use, secure, and available to all football fans worldwide.

Pros of Sorare

Available to All!

Regardless of your knowledge of football or cryptos, you can easily start using the Sorare on your smartphone. The platform will not ask you about your bank account or verifying personal details at any stage.

Promising Future

According to the reports of many financial institutions, cryptos will completely dominate the digital payments industry in the following years. Similarly, Fantasy Football is very popular among football fans around the world. Therefore, many experts expect the player base of this platform to grow in the near future.

Your Players Are Valuable

The number of digital players cards is 1,111 cards per season. So, it is easy to evaluate the players and determine their prices.


Regardless of the amount you devote to fantasy playing, you can enjoy buying, selling, and exchanging players. Then, when you amass some profits, you can use them to buy more players.

Sorare Cons

Players Prices May Be Volatile

Since the platform is entirely dependent on the volatile Ether, the prices of the players can also be volatile as a result. Although Ether is significantly up at the current time, it may drop very quickly. So, keep an eye on the crypto prices and try to buy a good amount when its value is low.

Requires a Thorough Understanding of the Crypto Nature

You don’t have to prepare for a PhD in the blockchain! However, at least you should keep track of their prices weekly. If your week is busy, it can be challenging to keep track of sports matches and Ether rates as well. However, it is essential to enjoy your overall experience in Sorare.

Not All Leagues & Clubs Are on Sorare

Although the range of leagues and players available now is great, many clubs and teams are still missing! For instance, most of the English Premier League players are not available yet.


Sorare platform has a lot of attractive areas, it is available to all players around the world. Supports Ether. Gives managers a real value for their players because the number of cards is always small. Offers a free mode that you can use to practice how to form a team. Also, the online gambling legislation doesn’t apply to the platform because sports fantasy isn’t gambling. So, even if you’re on GamStop, you can enjoy playing there without any obstacles.

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