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Legal Casino Age? Gambling is prohibited under 18; why? In the UK, it is forbidden to gamble under the age of 18. Enforcement of this for physical games of chance is easier than for online games of chance. If you want to enter a land-based casino, you must show your ID. Are you not yet 18 years old? Then you will be denied access. The same goes for buying scratch and state lottery tickets. You will be denied entry if you are not yet 18 years old. However, it is more difficult to check online. In the UK, offering online games of chance is prohibited. Because this is prohibited, there are basically no UK gambling sites. The UKGC does a lot to keep gambling away from minors, but does it always work? You can read that in this article about minors and gambling.

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Last updated: May 2024

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Before even starting to play, it is advisable to take note of the legislation in force, in particular with regard to the legal age at the non Gamstop casino. We are going to give you some details about this serious topic on this page.

What Is the Legal Age to Play at the Casino?

It’s a scene that happens more often than you think. Parents take their children for a stay in a large hotel with a program, restaurant, shows, spa, and casino. While the adults go about their own business, the younger ones decide to go to the casino but then come up against the refusal of the staff.

Why are things like this? Quite simply because the UK imposes an age to play in the casino and gambling in order to protect minors. There are also other rights reserved for adult citizens in British legislation: voting and driving licenses fall particularly within this framework.

Is It Possible to Enter the Casino Premises Without For Underage?

To go to a land-based casino in the UK, you must therefore be at least 18 years old. Without the required legal age, it is normally not possible to enter the grounds of a casino. It is the gambling house’s responsibility to deny access to minors under the penalty of breaking the law.

As a result, casino bouncers always ask for ID at the entrance to the premises. By not respecting this obligation, the casino risks a heavy fine, or even a temporary closure in the event of a repeat offense. Even accompanied by an adult, a minor cannot, therefore, cross the doors of a casino.

Why Minors Are Banned at Casinos?

What is the legal age to play at the casino in foreign countries?

If we look at the legislation in force in other countries, we see that the legal age generally oscillates between 18 and 21 years. The casino age, therefore, differs from other regions of the world. If you want to know more about the law of another country in particular, there is no need to go to an age casino forum. We have prepared a summary table for you:

France18 years old
Belgium18 years old
Swiss18 years old
United Kingdom18 years old
Rest of EU18 years old
Canada18 years old
Australia18 years old
Dubai21 years old
USA21 years old
Macau18 years old
Mexico City18 years old

Age Verification Online Gambling – Keep Out Minors!

The age verification must be based on factual evidence. Simply ticking the box I declare to be of age is not sufficient, says the UKGC. It should also be clear how the online casino finds out the age. There are casinos that require a copy of the ID. It is still forbidden to gamble online in the UK. The UKGC, therefore, warns against sharing your identity. You don’t know what happens to the copy or whether your privacy is guaranteed.

Online Gambling for Minors

It often turns out that no age verification is applied at online gambling sites. It is therefore easy for minors to create an account at an online casino.

Online providers often don’t have age verification because others don’t either. The providers are then afraid of losing players to other providers. That costs them money. There are examples of providers who want the identity confirmed after a month. Or if you want to have money paid out, want to have the identity of the player. If the player turns out to be underage, no payment will be made.

Why Are Minors Not Allowed to Gamble?

Scientific research shows that young people are extra sensitive to addictions. The brains of young people are in full development, and addiction has arisen in this way. Often it is about smoking and drinking, but gambling also has a high risk of addiction.

Gambling involves the same mechanisms as alcohol, smoking, and drugs. Researchers also state that if you come into contact with one of these addictions at a young age, it is difficult to get rid of it. Even if you do not become addicted at a young age, chances are that you will be more susceptible to addiction later in life. For this reason, the government also wants to exclude minors from games of chance.

Minors are also more susceptible to external influences. If there is a reward for winning a game, a minor will be more likely to play that game and continue to play. The reward system in gambling is winning. However, it’s not always right. Minors do not fully understand the consequences of playing with money. If gambling is started at a young age, this can have major financial consequences later on. Especially with online gambling, because the money is not tangible.

Is The Legal Age the Same at Online Casinos?

Here we are going to address together the question of the minimum casino age in online casinos. In reality, whether it’s an online or land-based casino, it’s exactly the same thing: you must be at least 18 years old to be able to enjoy playing for real money. While waiting for the majority, we still have some good plans to keep you waiting.

Access to online casinos for minors remains a very heated debate at the present time. If gaming sites are prohibited for individuals under the age of 18, it sometimes happens that operators leave access free pending identity verification.

You must therefore be vigilant. The first step is to control access to all your connected objects. From home computers to tablets to smartphones, it’s very easy to get online these days. For example, we advise you to lock access to your computer with a password. Some tools also have facial recognition.

Free Casino Games

Playing free casino games is wise if you don’t know the game well yet and want to practice. However, this is a gray area when it comes to minors. If they can practice a game for free, it is easier to start playing with money. Creating an account is then done in no time.

There is no supervision of free casino games. You don’t have to create an account (in most cases) to play. Banning free casino games is currently not on the agenda. As a parent, it is wise to see what your children are playing on the internet or on the phone/tablet for games.

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