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One of the most popular trends in the gambling industry in recent times is Whatsapp betting UK groups. Through these groups, sports bettors get tips from expert tipsters and apply them to get more wins. There are two types of such groups; The first type is free Whatsapp betting groups which are usually linked to YouTube channels, affiliate sites, or even bookmakers. These groups mainly aim to generate traffic for their websites or YouTube channels, but they also provide useful tips and educational resources for bettors.

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Last updated: July 2024

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The second type is the paid groups, which punters can join for a monthly subscription. On these groups, tipsters provide betting tips and strategies that everyone can apply to increase his profits. However, do text betting UK groups give you a real edge over the house? Can you count on it to increase your profits? In this article, we will discover why you should treat any Whatsapp betting UK group with caution.

How Does Whatsapp Betting UK Work?

To join a Whatsapp betting UK group you have to click on the group link that the tipster posts on his social media profile or in the description of his YouTube videos. However, sometimes, tipsters post their phone numbers on social media platforms or in the description of videos where you can record it and send them a message and then they will add you to the group after you pay the subscription fee.

Once you become a member of a text betting UK group you will receive 3 – 5 bets per day for 30 days.

Most likely, the tipster will promise you a bet of €100 to get €200 in profit from the 3-5 bets he advises you to place daily.

Why Should You Avoid Whatsapp Betting Group?

As much as everyone loves sports betting, no one always wins! The beauty of sports betting mainly stems from the excitement it gives to bettors while watching the matches of their favourite teams, it creates an additional desire for the team to win. Therefore, all ideas stemming from the desire to make a living from sports betting activities often lead to huge losses! However, failure to achieve winnings can lead punters to look for other alternatives to place their bets. So, punters tend to search for paid Whatsapp bet groups to find out the most prominent options that they can bet on to achieve the largest possible amount of winnings.

There are plenty of people who market themselves on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as professional tipsters and invite their followers to join Whatsapp bet groups in which they advise bettors on the most profitable options.

Although some of these tipsters are trustworthy and contribute to major newspapers and sports channels, many others are scammers!

Another reason for you to think twice before signing up for one of the Whatsapp betting groups is that you might get failed tips. In this way, you will have lost the value of the entry and the value of your bet.

In fact, Whatsapp tipsters do not give tailored advice to players with medium or low budgets but rather guide whale bettors to place accumulator bets or multiple bets to get big winnings. Therefore, if your budget does not allow you to place such huge stakes, it is best to avoid them.

Are There Any Whatsapp Betting Groups That Offer Real Benefit to Bettors?

Punters join a Whatsapp betting group to get winnings by copying someone else's decisions. So, you should check the past tips of the tipster and evaluate them. However, there are plenty of unscrupulous tipsters out there who regularly delete their old failed tips. So, if you want to join one of the Whatsapp betting groups, you should check their history first.

It is also important to keep in mind that you will be placing multiple bets with high values to make good winnings. This may not be a real problem for whales, but it can be a problem for players with limited budgets. Remember that losing bets will reduce your overall winnings or even destroy your entire bankroll completely!

It is possible to join the group if it offers a money-back guarantee where you can get a refund if you lose your bets. However, this condition is attached to signing up for the bookmaker through the tipster affiliate link. The catch here is that the tipster will make a profit of up to 50% of your losses and then give you half of it. This means that you will get back 25% of your loss. 

Does This Also Apply to Tipsters on Facebook & Twitter?

In fact, as long as the tipster is giving his tips for free through YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, you can follow him. However, remember that his tips aren’t binding and do not always work! Remember that if one person has the mystical power to make correct predictions for every bet, he will be a millionaire overnight. Then, he will plan to enjoy the rest of his life, rather than share his mighty power with other bettors!

What Are the Alternatives to Whatsapp Betting UK? 

As you can see, Whatsapp betting groups will not get you far! Therefore, it is better to develop your strategy to get the highest possible winnings. Here are some tips that will help you develop your own strategy:

Use AI

Believe it or not, EA Sports correctly predicted the World Cup winners in 2010, 2014, and 2018!

There are also a lot of AI robots that predict the outcome of sports matches such as:

  • Hyundai Match Predictor
  • Google AI Platform Prediction
  • Al Jazeera's AI robot (Kashef)
  • OPTA
  • AI League

The great advantage of these tools is that they are completely free and you can easily access them on the internet without downloading any app. When we compare the percentage of false predictions between AI Robots and tipsters, we will discover that AI tools are much better.

Start With a Small Budget & Set Limits

Before you start betting at non GamStop sports betting sites, it is very important to have your own budget and not exceed it under any circumstances. Remember, it's easy to get carried away when you're on a winning streak or want to pick up your losses, but it's important to never go over your budget! Alternatively, you can count on the free funding (bonuses) offered by all sports betting sites. Non GamStop bookmakers that we recommend on our website offer almost all kinds of bonuses where you can get a lot of offers such as:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free bets
  • Cashback

Do Your Research!

Before you place your bet on any sporting event, you should collect all details about it, then try to conclude a prediction. Think of questions for yourself to answer such as:

  • Does the underdog have a hidden advantage?
  • What is the status of the influential players?
  • Will influential players play for 90 minutes?

In general, you must have an accurate and reasoned answer to any question that arises in your mind regarding this match.

Shop Around for the Best Odds

Sports betting sites offer different odds for the same bets. So, it's always a good idea to shop around to find the best possible deals.

It is also possible to register with various sports betting or non Gamstop casino sites or to get more bonuses and get access to the right betting odds quickly.

Some of the best non GamStop bookmakers we recommend to our readers are:

Never Chase Your Losses!

After you lose several bets in a row, naturally, the thing you think about is getting back the money you lost. However, it is important to avoid this approach! 90% of the bets you place to recover your losses will end up losing!

Make It Fun!

You should not make sports betting a source of stress and always keep it an enjoyable activity. If you have a losing streak or if you find yourself unable to follow the betting markets, take a break.


As you can see, Whatsapp betting sites UK are not the ideal choice if you want to get the highest possible profits. Instead, you can get guidance from AI Robots which have already proven effective in the past years. However, what is definitely best and most enjoyable is developing your skills and relying on your own strategy.

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