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Are you looking for a casino without a Swedish licence with better benefits? Or do you want to get a higher payback percentage when playing casino games? You get all this at casinos without a Swedish licence. You have to deposit money with Direct Bank Transfers or Cryptos. Then, you're up and running in no time. With us, you will also find top lists in all conceivable games. But above all, casinos without a gaming break limitation and gaming sites with tax free winnings. You will also find faster game rounds and larger game lobbies!

Casinos Without Swedish License
Casinos Without Swedish License

List of the best Casinos Without a Swedish Licence

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Last updated: June 2024

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As a Swedish, Can I Play at Casinos Without Swedish Licence?

Playing at a casino without a Swedish licence is entirely legal. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The new gaming law has meant new, stricter requirements for gaming companies and players. These requirements led to financial, marketing and organisational issues. The law intends to focus on the player's safety and counteract abuse. However, there is no real reason not to play at a casino without a licence.

Here you will find answers to questions about what is legal or not if it costs more, and what risks there are. With us, you will also find a list of casinos without a Swedish licence that meets the requirements we have set as standard. We have reviewed several online casinos without a Swedish gaming licence to give you info about the sites that measure up:

  • Protection
  • Customer service
  • Supply
  • Gaming experience
  • Bonuses and offers

Are You Free to Play at Casinos Without Swedish Licence?

There are no obstacles for you who live in Sweden to play at an online casino without a Swedish licence. However, you can not register at all unlicensed online casinos is another matter. Many foreign casinos have chosen to block Swedish players. In addition, there is the risk that you will have to pay tax on any winnings at casinos without a Swedish licence. Of course, there are several exceptions, and you can read more about them below.

You will always find lists of legal gaming companies and casinos without a Swedish licence. All of which is complete without risk of blocking.

Which casinos do not have a Swedish licence?

If you ever asked yourself: “which casinos don’t have the Swedish licence?” So we can announce that many sites have not applied for one. The reasons vary, of course, but on the whole, it is about reduced costs of other countries' gaming licences. Offshore gaming sites do not always have a Swedish gaming licence. But they might have licences from other reputed gaming agencies like UKGC, MGA, and Curacao Gaming Control Board. 

Which gaming companies are best?

We are neutral in this matter as we believe that it is you as a player who must decide the matter, specially since it is a very subjective issue. Some prefer sports such as Football and Ice Hockey, while others like E-sports and virtual sports. It simply depends on what kind of sports you like!

Do I have to pay tax on my winnings at Casinos Without Swedish Licence?

The short answer to the question is that it depends on a number of standards. The basic rule is that winnings recorded at a casino without a Swedish licence are taxable and you must declare the winnings. This means that on a profit over SEK 100 at a casino with a licence outside Europe, you pay approximately 30% tax.

Tax Free winnings at Casinos Without Swedish Licence

If, on the other hand, the casino has a licence in Europe, for example in Malta, the winnings will be tax free for you who play there. Even though it is an online casino without a Swedish licence. The key is that the casino is not targeting Swedish players.

How then to decide if the casino is not targeting Swedish players? We list some points that can help you decide:

  • Does the site have any Swedish text?
  • Does the site offer deposits and withdrawals to gaming accounts in SEK?
  • Are bonuses and offers marketed in SEK?

Taxes and casino winnings – three examples

The Swedish Tax Agency has produced various examples of when profits should be taxable or non taxable:

  • Playing at a casino with a licence in Malta that targets Swedish players, for example with Swedish text or SEK as currency = taxable.
  • Gambling at a casino with a licence in Cyprus that is not targeting Swedish players = tax free.
  • Casino games are licensed in countries outside Europe, for example, Curaçao = taxable.

The Swedish Tax Agency recommends that you contact the online casino if you are unsure whether your winnings are taxable or not. Since 1 January 2019, a new law applies, which means that you must declare taxable profits over SEK 100.

Casino without Game Break

Gambling break and the nationwide overall self exclusion system (“Spelpaus”) is a genuinely good idea for the player who thinks that he has a gambling problem and need to take a break from online gaming. You can use this function to stop games and market them if you feel that you are playing too much. The lock is valid from one month up to one year. But it cannot be interrupted prematurely, which can be good to know.

When you register with Spelpaus, you will be suspended from gaming sites and online casinos with a Swedish licence. But also all marketing and direct ads from them. This means suspension from about 200 gaming sites on the Swedish market.

However, national self exclusion programs do not apply to casinos without a Swedish licence as they are under the supervision of the Swedish Gaming Committee, which provides break breaks. We do not recommend anyone to play at a casino without a licence or without a break if there is an identified gambling addiction.

Self exclusion at casinos without Spelpaus

Do you ever have a gambling problem and play at a casino without a break? Contact the support at the casino immediately and close your account permanently. According to the laws for casino licences in Malta, Curaçao and Kahnawake Gaming Commission, for example, the casino must immediately close your account without objection. It is often possible to do this directly via your gaming account on the site, but if this is missing, it is the customer service you should turn to.

If you want to shut down at a casino with a Swedish licence, you should. However, go to and request a break from gambling there. 

Voluntary self exclusion is known to be the first and primary way to reduce the harms of gambling. However, this “exclusion” should not be left to the player's will as it may slip easily over time. Therefore it must be offered as a voluntary choice by the gambling site or the governing committee. Once a player decides to exclude himself, the gambling casino must not accept that player again during the period of self exclusion. Since the problem of gambling addiction is such a common problem, all EU countries have a national self exclusion programme. In fact, Sweden is no exception as it introduced a nationwide self exclusion program (“Spelpaus”) for all licensed gambling facilities in Sweden, online and offline in 2019. However, the national self exclusion programme does not cover offshore gambling sites.

How to remove Game Break?

If you sign up to Spelpaus, your subscription to the scheme cannot be terminated for the duration of the self exclusion period. For example, if you decide to stop playing for six months, you can’t resume playing during that period. However, this ban only applies to the Swedish gaming market. For those playing on global sites, there are other forms of other self exclusion you can learn about, including:

  • Self exclusion
  • Self tests
  • Deposit limits

Many sites also have direct links to charities that work to address the issue of gambling addiction, such as GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous & Gambling Therapy.

How does Spelpaus work?

If you register with Spelpaus, you will not be able to play at all licensed gambling providers. In short, all gambling facilities where you have to identify yourself digitally or physically. All gambling providers in Sweden are also obliged to check every new attempt to log in or register to check if the user is self excluded.

This is both the pros and cons of Spelpaus to block you from all licensed games in Sweden at the same time.  See also GGC page.

At casinos without a Swedish licence, you always have the chance to block yourself from the casino you play at only. On the contrary, Spelpaus allows customers to exclude themselves from all gambling sites with one request rather than from each site individually. Also, it prevents the customer from signing up at any new gambling site that holds the Swedish Gaming Committee licence. Also, you will not receive any promotional content or incentives from gambling sites that you used to play at.

To use Spelpaus, you must have an e-identification of some kind. The service supports:

  • BankID
  • Mobile BankID
  • Telia eID
  • Freja eID
  • Foreign eID.

The following self exclusion plans are at Game Break:

  • 1 month – The break ends after 1 month.
  • 3 months – The break ends after 3 months. 
  • 6 months – The break ends after 6 months.
  • Until further notice – The break is valid for at least 12 months. After 12 months, you can log in to spelpaus and end your suspension. If you do not end the shutdown, it will continue to apply until further notice.

Note: A shutdown cannot be undone, changed or terminated prematurely. Once you have confirmed that you want to suspend gambling, the decision is irrevocable.

Does Gambling Break work at casinos without a Swedish licence?

A major drawback of casinos without Swedish licence is that they can not use the tools of responsible gaming that the Swedish Gaming Committee has developed.

The most popular tool is Spelpaus which was launched in 2019. This tool gives the player the chance to shut themselves off from online games and all gaming marketing content. 

If you have signed up with this service, you can not undo or end it before your selected time period ends.

All Swedish gambling companies, whether they operate online or offline, are required to integrate with Spelpaus However, this condition doesn't apply to the sites that don't hold the Swedish Gaming Committee licence. 

Offshore gaming sites are, by definition, to be regarded as casinos that cannot offer a gaming break as they are not subject to the Swedish Gaming Committee and they are out of its legal competence. Other markets, of course, have their own laws and rules.

You can of course exclude yourself from gambling even at foreign casinos. However, you need to take this step at each site individually. Other excessive gambling prevention measures such as deposit limits and time limits. But even here it can vary greatly depending on the responsible gaming committee, the country where the casino is registered in, and so on.

Most recently, PayPal also launched its own blocking tool in collaboration with GamBan. Something that can make it easier for you who play outside Sweden and use the method. If more global payment service providers connect to a similar tool, it can be much easier to set up locks at foreign casinos, especially since they already take place outside the gaming side. PayPal has thus begun something that is considered to be a first step in the right direction towards responsible gambling.

Where can you play without Spelpaus?

There are many valid reasons for Swedish players to go around self exclusion, and they are:

  • The player discovered that isn’t affected by overindulgence into gambling and wished to continue playing before the end of his self exclusion period.
  • The player found that he recovered from his gambling addiction quickly and now wishes to continue playing.
  • Players want to take advantage of the bonuses and promos of casinos without Swedish licence.

Currently, there are many gambling licensing committees. Each committee has its own self exclusion programme. However, it only applies within the jurisdiction of the committee. For example, overseas sites which hold the UKGC licence have a GameStop scheme. However, non-UK residents cannot participate in this scheme. The only committee that accepts requests for self exclusion from players worldwide is the Curaçao Games Committee. You can also rely on the on site responsible gambling methods.

Swedish Casinos With Deposit Limits

In addition to a bonus limit of SEK 100, a deposit limit of SEK 5,000 per week was introduced per customer and online casino during the Corona pandemic, as well as a requirement for the player to set a time limit on their gambling. These remained until November 14, 2021, but the government recently wanted to reintroduce even stricter rules. This was partly due to the Swedish Gaming Committee being given increased assignments regarding the exploration of new restrictions in gambling related problems, but also due to the increasing spread of infection in society.

In short, the new limits included a maximum ceiling of SEK 100 for bonuses, while deposits were to be tightened to SEK 4,000 a week for each casino. However, these were not introduced when the government lifted restrictions linked to the pandemic, but Minister of Social Insurance Ardalan Shekarabi has already flagged to introduce permanent gambling limits in the future.

What did the deposit limit mean in practice?

Regardless of whether you won or lost, you could not deposit more money than SEK 5,000 per week and online casinos. It may feel like a high amount for the average person, but for those who wager a lot of money on casino games, the amount is rather low. The fact that the requirement applied per casino site and not per person meant that a player could deposit around one million kronor per week on various gaming sites with a Swedish gaming licence.

However, the deposit limit means that you as a player could change casinos when you had played for SEK 5,000. Although this limit was temporary, there are already plans for permanent limits to be introduced after 2024 when the Swedish Gaming Committee investigation is completed.

Time Limits for Games

In addition to the rules we already mentioned, a mandatory time limit was introduced in Swedish casinos where you as a player had to state how many hours you will play at the casino. However, note that the time limit was set based on logged in time and not playing time, and that all time on the playing side was counted, including:

  • The time you spent looking for games
  • Money deposits 
  • The time of the 3-second rule between each round
  • Pauses when you leave the page up to do something else.

You also could not start playing without setting a time limit in three steps: daily, weekly and monthly.

In the same way that the deposit limit sets time limits at each online casino, you as a player could move on to another online casino when you reach your time. You were forced to make an active choice to continue playing and the hope was that it would limit the gambling of certain risk groups.

The online casinos also ended up in a skewed competitive situation where they risked losing customers to each other, something that also happened to a very large extent.

Top Five Casinos Without Swedish Licence

Even if you are not into Spelpaus, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider choosing offshore casinos. These sites offer a huge selection of games without the 3-second rule or the max bet value on the hand/ spin. In addition, these sites offer a wide range of great promos and bonuses for both newbies and loyal players alike even the most experienced players can find something extra. In addition, these casinos also offer all their games in free mode. So, you can enjoy it before you even create a new account. Since the offshore sites are endless at the moment we have decided to give you a shortlist of the best casinos without Swedish licence that you can subscribe to from Sweden freely.

Casper Spins Casino

Casper Spins Casino started at the end of 2021. However, it is one of the best gambling sites on the scene at the moment! The services of this site are not limited to casino games only as it also offers betting options on global sports and digital sports. Non Swedish betting site here. From the first moment you are on this site, the first thing that will catch your eye is the high quality design of the platform that gives you the ability to access all the options and sections with the touch of your fingertip. The site also offers a separate platform for smartphone and tablet users and you can access it from any iPhone or Android device.

To offer a rich game library, Casper Spins has established multiple partnerships with top world renowned game studios. In addition to that, the site offers a perfect set of generous offers and rewards not to mention the VIP scheme as well. The site accepts a lot of money and currencies. However, the only drawback is that it does not accept Swedish Krona.

Jinx Casino

Although it is still very new to the scene, the team behind Jinx Casino has done their best to provide a suitable gaming experience for everyone. This site started in the early days of 2022. So, you can expect a modern platform, a huge selection of exclusive games, and top notch rewards. New players at this casino get a welcome bonus pack that covers both the first and second deposit and has a max value of €3000.

Pulp Casino

As evident even from the platform's name and design, Pulp Casino is based on the theme of the Pulp Fiction magazines, popular crime novels of the mid 20th century, and, of course, the famous Hollywood movie released in 1994. New players enjoy a triple welcome bonus of up to €6,500. After taking advantage of this offer, you can also get reload bonuses, free spins, and other generous offers. What is really special about these bonuses is that you will use them to bet on all the games that the casino offers.

The casino games catalogue includes an inclusive range of games sourced from top world renowned studios such as NetEnt, NextGen and Quickspin. If you need to file a complaint or seek advice, you can contact our 24/7 support agents. There are plenty of contact channels including live chat, email, and phone calls. The smartphone platform is an added advantage of this casino as it gives you the ability to play anytime and anywhere.

Orion Spins Casino

Orion Spins Casino is licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Commission, which means that the site can accept Swedish players even if they have previously excluded themselves. Since the site offers both casino games and sports betting, it is suitable for all types of gamblers regardless of their preferences. Players of this casino get a host of great bonuses that come with only 1x wager! One of the standout features of this casino is the 24/7 customer service as well. However, the site, unfortunately, does not accept deposits and withdrawals via Trustly.

Mostro Casino

Mostro Casino is one of the best gambling sites that targets the Swedish players at the moment. This site started in 2021. But it has taken the lead in the industry in a short period of time as it offers much more perks than both British and Swedish casinos. This site belongs to RNB Consult Ltd, a Bulgaria based company regulated by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. This casino strives to provide a high quality gaming experience to all players as new players receive a welcome bonus covering both first and second deposits with a total value of up to €6000. Loyal players also get a large number of multiple offers and generous rewards. The game library includes more than 2000 unique titles. The site supports multiple banking solutions, accepts a wide range of currencies, and offers excellent customer service.

Best Bonuses at Casinos Without Swedish Licence

Most of the Swedish casinos do not offer any bonuses at all to their players, yet the offshore casinos flood their players with various offers. These bonuses come in various shapes and sizes and you can use them to bet on your favourite games, try new games, and get more winnings. Below we gave a summary of the top bonuses you can get from the casinos without a Swedish licence. 

The Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus matches your deposit amount with, for example, 100% or 200% or even 500% cash bonus. Swedish casinos also offer a welcome bonus. However, it tends to be of small value compared to the welcome offers offered by overseas casinos.

Reload bonuses

A Reload bonus that stands out a little more than usual gives you the chance to take advantage of offers even if you have already used the welcome bonus. The difference is that the match is usually reduced to 50% or 75%.


This concept means that the casino reimburses part of your losses. It can also happen weekly or daily, depending on where you play. This bonus variant was very popular in Sweden.

Tournaments & competitions

By playing the selected slot machines, you can take part in competitions against other players, which in turn can reward you with unique winnings.

VIP clubs

Some extra benefits that may be available to the most diligent players include VIP clubs with better rates, lower wagering requirements – or even extra bonuses that are not available to regular players. For the most loyal, rewards such as travel, laptops and clothes can also be included.

Recurring promos

During specific holidays, casinos can reward with special bonuses, in addition to those already on the site. This can happen at Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other times of the year.

How fast are transactions at casinos without Swedish a licence?

An important part of the comparison of casinos without Swedish license is to see how quickly you can expect to receive your payouts. Here we list some of the most common payment methods and how fast they are.

  • Direct bank transfer. Instant, it works with all online casinos without Swedish License.
  • Digital currencies. instant, it works with all online casinos without Swedish License.
  • E-wallets. Instant, it works with all online casinos without Swedish License.

The absolute fastest payment method is Direct Bank Transfer via which for licensed casinos is for example Trustly or Zimpler. Here you usually have the money paid out within 5 minutes. Other popular payment methods are EcoPayz and cryptos such as Bitcoin. Casinos without Swedish licences offer similar methods to Trustly and Zimpler.

With EcoPayz or similar payment methods, the transaction is almost instant. However, you get the money paid out to an e-wallet. A payment with such services can also be paid out in any currency, such as USD or Euro. With Direct Bank Transfer, you easily specify how much you want to withdraw, sign with BankID and then you have the money in your account within 5-15 minutes. Cryptos also is a good option because the transactions are instant. 

Note that all winnings from casinos without Swedish licence are taxed at 30%. Just like when you play at a land based casino outside Europe or when you sell shares and mutual funds. If the casino has a licence from an EU country (for example Malta), all winnings will be tax free.

Important points regarding Game break

To define various problem areas of Game Break and Spelpaus, we created some points that deal with important topics. Below, you can read more about why Game Break is good for you as a player (if you have bad urges toward gambling and want to put an end to excessive spending).

Self exclusion is only on Swedish casinos

One of the main reasons that Sweden is a safe market for local players is due to the existence of the self exclusion scheme, Spelpaus. This free scheme offers free support to players before they reach the red line. Also, it helps them avoid impulsive money spending, and losing their savings and property, and helps build a stronger character. In short, for players who cannot stop playing, this scheme is the last resort to reduce this problem. Although the Swedish gaming licence is unique in many respects, not all online casinos have it. The internet being a global place is a double edged sword because it gives you both pros and cons. On the other hand, you can choose to play despite your subscription to Spelpaus by visiting one of the offshore casinos.

Swedish casinos do not offer bonuses for returning players

Swedish gambling has a set of goals. One of the most prominent of these aims is to reduce problem gambling through preventive measures, like offering only one bonus to each player! While this may work well for some people who find it difficult to stop, it is the exact opposite for you for people who can have complete control over their budget. In most cases, many Swedish players choose offshore casinos because of their consecutive rewards and generous bonuses. In addition, using most of the rewards is a strategic decision, especially since you can maximise the various offers and thus achieve the best possible profits.

The 3-second rule applies

Just like bonus restrictions, Swedish gaming law applies a rule that prohibits casinos from offering slots with spins faster than 3 seconds per round. It may seem like a little too rapid – but those who enjoy slots will note that they are extremely slow. The reason behind this rule is to prevent gamblers from spending too much money at a fast pace. However, many experts have criticised this approach for not eliminating the addiction problem itself. In fact, the problem gambling hasn't been addressed properly over the past few decades. If you want to enjoy a faster pace, or participate in games with internal bonuses, of course, we recommend casinos without Swedish licence.

Pros and cons of Game Break

While you will get rid of all the hassles of Swedish casinos when you play at a casino that does not hold a Swedish licence, there are many compromises that you need to make when considering signing up for casinos without a Swedish licence. If you only visit Swedish sites, you will always have access to a committee that can help with questions or complaints. 

However, in some cases, your winnings from offshore casinos may be subject to a tax. On the other hand, the bonuses you can get at offshore casinos are much larger than in Swedish sites. This advantage can offset the tax claim!

If we look specifically at Spelpaus compared to the blocking tools in other countries, we will also find some differences, which can be good or bad depending on who asks. In the list below, we've reviewed these things a little more carefully to give you a better overview:

Pros of Game Break

  • You can completely exclude yourself from all online and offline gambling.
  • The Swedish Gaming Committee monitors the gaming industry to ensure compliance with legal rules.
  • The gambling committee also prevents live ads and games in stores.

Cons of Game Break

  • If you regret the game break, you cannot cancel it afterwards
  • If you activate the game stop by mistake, you cannot undo it
  • Not only can you lock in some casinos, but game breaks apply to all licensed Swedish sites
  • It is possible to bypass the playing break by visiting casinos without a Swedish licence.

Pros & Cons of Casinos Without Swedish a Licence

In Sweden, the Swedish Gaming Committee issues licences for all gambling companies, regardless of which services it offers. Unlike foreign markets, the Swedish industry has adopted much stricter rules to protect problem gamblers, which includes mandatory time indications, deposit limits and only one bonus per customer.

As for iGaming companies, the gaming tax is also higher and players have to pay a tax of 18% on their winnings.

If we look at Malta, MGA only requires the gaming companies to pay 5% in tax. It also covers people living in Malta, but since these casinos receive global visits, they are subject to every little tax in the end. This is because most of the visits take place from other countries with a more restrictive gaming policy.

The country also enjoys a low corporate tax. You can also find many Pay N Play casinos that accept visits from Swedish players. However, Direct bank transfers also work on Maltese sites, which is a big plus on the edge.


pros of non gamstop casinos uk
pros of non SE
A plethora of bonuses, rewards, and other incentives

When you play in a casino without a Swedish licence, you can enjoy many deposit bonuses, Reload offers and Cashbacks. 

No three second delay between rounds

The rule set by the Swedish Gaming Commission is that each slot game must take 3 seconds to complete. This measure is in place to prevent gamblers from spending too much money. 

More game creators to choose from 

The number one criticism of Swedish casinos is the small range of games. The average Swedish casino library only contains about 1,000 titles compared to 3,000 or 5,000 in casinos without Swedish licence. The reason for this is largely the cost of signing agreements with the iGaming content creators. Something that is cheaper in countries where corporation tax and gaming tax are lower.


cons of non gamstop casinos uk
cons of non SE
BankID is usually not available

When you play in markets with offshore gaming licences, you rarely use your BankID. In some cases, however, some gambling sites can approve transactions with BankID. If the casino you are staying at supports Direct Bank Transfers.

No access to Trustly or Zimpler as a payment method

There are no casinos without Swedish licenses that offer these payment methods. However, you will still find a plethora of sites that provide Direct Bank Transfers. Outside Europe, on the other hand, it is not as common.

It is not possible to block yourself completely from all offshore sites

Gambling breaks are not something that works outside Sweden, which also leads to online casinos abroad lacking this protection. However, you can turn it off. But then you need to do it for each site by registering a self exclusion via your gaming account.

Also our page about casinos without rofus

FAQ About Casinos Without Swedish Licence

How do you block yourself from online casinos?

You can block your access to gaming sites in several different ways. But the most effective method is Game Break which shuts you down from all gaming for money in Sweden. If you want to stop access to foreign casinos, you can do this via your account on each site. You can also use different software to prevent access to websites you do not want to visit.

How Long is My Game Break?

You decide how long you want to take a break. The choices you have include 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or until further notice.

What can I do if I have an addiction to gambling?

If you have problems with your gaming habits, you can contact the Helpline that works with these issues daily. Other alternatives are to contact the Swedish Gambling Addicted' Helpline or other aid charities.

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