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Formula One (or F1 betting not on gamstop in short) is the highest Class of motor races endorsed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The first season of this championship was launched in 1950. However, many experts believe that the real launch of the sport was in 1981 with the launch of the “Formula 1 World Championship”. Certainly, this belief has supporting evidence. At least, there is no comparison between the speeds of the cars of the fifties and the speeds of the eighties.

List of top Formula one betting sites not on gamstop

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Last updated: May 2024

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The Formula One season consists of a series of consecutive races known as Grands Prix. Formula 1 consists of cars that exceed 300 km/h, with the engine capable of reaching up to 15000 rpm. Each season consists of a series of 23 races around the world, known as a Grand Prix. Here teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull compete for the world title every year. For every race, there are twenty drivers ready at the start.

Betting on Formula 1 is increasingly on the rise. It may still be the case that you cannot bet on this at every bookmaker.

Do you find it difficult to determine which bookmaker suits you best? Then read on this page, here, you will find out all you need to know about Formula 1 bets.

How Does Betting on F1 not on gamstop Work?

From Singapore to even this year at the Zandvoort circuit, the season starts in mid-March and ends in November. There are a lot of bets possible with Betting on Formula 1. The real enthusiasts are already ready for the free practice. These training sessions ensure that the drivers can already get acquainted with the circuit.

The qualifying rounds are usually on Saturdays. It is possible to bet on pole position. The result of the qualification ultimately determines the starting position. If a favourite gets a bad starting position here, it may not be wise to bet on him. However, if you have an absolute intuition about his victory, you can bet on him. If Fortuna stands with you, you will get high winnings since he will often turn out to be an underdog.

Most sports bettors wait until the starting position has been determined before placing a bet. One of the most popular bets is outright, where you bet on who will eventually win the championship. You can also bet on whether or not a driver will achieve a podium place. You often do this when you are not sure whether the person will win or not.

What Are the Odds of F1 Betting not on gamstop?

Without any complications, the term “odds” refers to the measure that non GamStop bookmakers use to determine how much players can win vs. how much they bet per $100. Surely, betting odds differ from race to race in F1 betting not on gamstop.

For example, you bet €100 on an odd of 2:50, and your prediction comes true during the Grand Prix. Then, you will get 100 x 2.5 = €250 (100 your initial bet amount + 150 winnings). So, you made a profit of €150 with this successful F1 bet.

In general, bookmakers not on GamStop keep the odds low for title contenders (the favourites) since they are likely to win, while betting on the outsiders (the underdogs) who have low potential get very high odds, simply because nobody expects them to win. So, in other terms, high odds mean low profits, and vice versa. The basic function of odds is to make up the difference between the favourite and the underdog. However, remember that, in F1 and any other sport, betting the favourite is rarely a bad bet, while the underdog is not expected to win, especially in the long run.

There are popular Formula 1 bets that many players consider among their favourites. You can find these bets for F1 at almost all bookmakers.

Race Winner

At every Grand Prix, of course, the question is again, which driver will be the winner of the race. This is also the most popular Formula 1 bet. Simply pick a racer. If it is indeed the first to pass on the black and white checkered line, you will be paid.

The drivers in the fastest cars are normally quite apart from the rest of the field in terms of odds. Hamilton and Verstappen are usually the favourites here. 

Please note: a bad qualifying or grid penalty for a favourite can throw the odds quite a bit. So make sure you know how things stand when you make this f1 betting not on gamstop.

Bet on the Podium

The podium is the name of the celebrational area on which the first three drivers stands on. The winner stands on the highest step, atop the central. The second-place finisher stands on his right, while the third (least ranked( stands on his left. The winning constructor stands on a separate podium.

There are two ways to bet on the podium. The first method is to select the three winners without specifying the positions. Although this bet is less-risky, it offers lower payouts. The second method is to bet on the three winners and select their ranks. Since the time laps between the winners is fractions of seconds, this bet offers high profit but also entails high risk.

This bet is not so interesting for the prominent favourites, but it is more suitable for the outsiders that can compete for a place in the top three.

Quick note: Formula One drivers do not receive prize money for hitting the podium; their teams pay their salaries only! Check one of the VIC casino reviews here.


Who will start from the pole position? When betting on Formula 1 qualifying, this is what you predict. So you can bet on place 1, but also predict who will finish in the top three or even top ten.

Sometimes you also see that bookmakers offer the combination Driver takes pole + wins the race. You can, of course, always compose that combination yourself in an Accumulator.


With a head to head in betting on Formula 1, you predict which of two drivers will finish the best in the race or qualifying. Nice to see the battle between direct competitors even more interesting. For example, two drivers fighting for a place in the top ten or two teammates who are evenly matched.

Season Bet: Formula 1 Champion

Don’t miss the seasonal bet: who will be the winner of Formula 1 this year? Obviously, there are only a few real contenders. Will you choose the right champion?

You can still bet on this during the season. In addition, you can also take it a bit wider here by betting on a top three place in the final ranking.

Bet on Constructors

Finally, many of the above bets are also available to the constructors. For example, you predict which team will win a race. You can also bet separately on the constructors’ championship.

Live Betting not on gamstop F1

Many of the types of bets mentioned above are also available in F1 betting not on 1 live. Now action and the speed of the track, and your insights come together in extra betting opportunities.

The big advantage of live betting on Formula 1, is that you have a lot of new information. Everything that happens on the track counts: the pit stop strategy used, damage to the cars, the weather conditions, and team tactics.

If you follow the developments closely, there are also opportunities during the race in live Formula 1 betting to bet on, for example, the winner of the match, podium places and head to heads.

Tips for Successful Betting on F1 betting not on Gamstop

Before placing a bet, you need to take a number of factors into account. It is important to look at the results of the practice sessions and the qualifications, but also the weather forecast. Some drivers are better in rainy conditions than others, for example.

With the help of a few tips, we hope to help you bet on Formula 1 successfully at non GamStop bookmakers

Shoot at the Right Moment!

The moment of betting on the race winner, for example, is a handy weapon for your F1 betting not on gamstop strategy. If you commit to the race weekend, everything is still open. After qualifying, the cards are already partially shuffled, and during the race, you can also make your move with live betting. Choose the right moment to bet, and find a balance between the available info and the odds level.

Be Attentive of the Team’s Tactics

A driver can finish low in qualifying but, as a result, have to stop once less in the race. A car can also fall back through an extra pit stop but then make up for the difference with better lap times. Then there are also undercuts, for example. In short: team tactics have a huge influence. Therefore, keep this in mind when betting on F1 not on gamstop.

Get to Know the Racetrack

The drivers’ cars are not equally good on every circuit. If there are many long straights, the teams that have a lot of top speed benefit. If there is a lot of short cornering, then more downforce is of greater importance.

The circuit on which you drive is, therefore, an important factor. A team that has no chance on one track can strike on another track. Therefore, before you bet, check whether this track suits your driver’s car.

Weather Conditions

Another important factor that has an influence on the race’s result is absolutely beyond your control. The weather types play a direct role on a Grand Prix. It is well known that a driver like Max Verstappen, for instance, likes to race in rainy weather so that he can compensate for the difference in absolute speed with his own steering qualities.

Temperatures also have a major impact on the type of tire drivers choose. So if rain is suddenly predicted, it might be smart to estimate the chances of a driver like Verstappen a little higher. The drivers of, for example, Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas benefit more from dry weather, as they can defeat their rivals more easily.

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