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Although boxing has now fallen in popularity compared to many other sports such as football and eSports, boxing betting is an emerging trend among punters around the world at the moment. There are many reasons to support this trend as all boxing betting markets have odds of winning close to 50% or maybe even more. Furthermore, it is easy for bettors to increase their odds of winning by studying past tournaments, analyzing boxers' performances in depth, and following different matches.

List of Box betting sites not on GamStop

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Last updated: June 2024

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Boxing has a limited number of betting options since boxers and UFC fighters play less number of matches when compared to wrestling. In general, boxers can only fight between two and seven matches per year.

Non GamStop bookmakers’ users can bet on many different aspects of a match. Players can bet on who will win the match, the method of victory, the duration of the match, and other aspects. Since these markets are common among all individual sports, they will be easy to understand for all bettors, even the complete novice.

How to Bet on Boxing not on gamstop?

Boxing wasn't always the sport it is today. Of course, it has always been an extreme sport, but it is also very well-organized. Clear rules, competent referees, well organized syndicates, medical supervision, dedicated professionals and last but not least: very high prizes!

Boxing betting also goes back hundreds of years (if not longer), but there has been a clear evolution.

Whoever thinks of betting on boxing may think of the obscure times when betting shops operated away from the eyes of the authorities. But now all bettors can enjoy betting on all boxing tournaments easily via their smartphones, tablets or computers.

If there is only one thing that has remained from the distant past to the present time it is the great tension. And excitement faced by both boxers and spectators alike; One ring, two fighters: who will clinch victory? It was, and still is, a thing of the imagination.

For people who aren't interested in boxing, this sport can seem simply violent for the sake of violence solely! However, seasoned fans of this sport know the sport better. For all the ‘bad talk' (that's part of the show) notwithstanding opponents in sports rarely show the same amount of respect for each other as they do in boxing and that's cool to see. And you can always try your luck also at online casinos not on Gamstop.

The Tension Rises Round After Round

Boxing betting guarantees round after round of action. What will happen? Nobody can tell! Even if a fighter appears to be highly favoured, the chance of an unexpected knockout is always possible.

We've seen this in the past when greats like Muhammad Ali and Klitschko suffered unexpected defeats or lost their titles in the blink of an eye, but what about the final fight in which Anthony Joshua, one of the greatest boxers of his generation?! He lost his title to underdog Andy Ruiz (and then successfully regained it! And who could have bet a penny on Tyson Fury winning before he became champion?

Here we immediately come across the beauty of boxing betting: unexpected things always happen in the ring; The favourite can be defeated by the underdog, and dangerous turns can occur in the middle of the match. So, if boxing teaches us only one thing, it would be not to bet blindly on boxers.

A lot can happen in a boxing match. A very exciting match can end in a draw, which requires an additional round. A boxer can steal winning points without knocking out his opponent. It is possible for the underdog to suddenly take control of the match or be forced to surrender after taking heavy blows. A good boxing match has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and that ending can only happen after 12 rounds…

It Is Win or Lose & This Makes Boxing Matches More Exciting

In a boxing match, the winner takes all. This is what makes boxing betting at non GamStop bookmakers so exciting. There is no draw in boxing: someone wins and his opponent loses. It is always possible for the match to end at one point or the match to take an unexpected turn. And the boxer you are betting on suddenly loses, or comes back in the match out of nowhere.

There are few ways to bet on boxing since there is no draw and the fighter can only lose or win. For example, when betting on football, bettors often bet on the results of the league or at least on the results of a favourite team. It is also possible to bet on the outstanding performance of one player.

This means a lot of spikes, a lot of betting and therefore a lot of chances to win or lose. However, boxing takes a different approach as it involves only a few betting markets.

On the other hand, since boxing is such a grinding sport and there are a lot of injuries, boxers do not fight every week but only have a few matches throughout the year at most.

This makes boxing betting even more exciting. For every match a fighter plays, he prepares for it for months. Perhaps the moment of victory lasts only one round, a few rounds, or perhaps the fight goes on all rounds and ends up in the jury's decision. This is also a nerve-wracking moment for you as a betting fan. In a split second, you can just add a nice amount to your account…or lose it.

Global Interest Ensures a Vibrant Culture

Boxing is a truly global sport. There is almost no country where boxing is not popular. This makes boxing betting even more fun. Not only can you bet money, but you can enjoy watching frantic matches. Of course, there is nothing better than betting on boxing and then sitting in front of the TV or computer to see how the match you are betting on turns out.

As for watching: Boxing is a very commercial sport in which huge amounts of money are involved. For title fights, it is not unreasonable for the winner to receive tens of millions of dollars in their bank account.

In truly legendary fights, like the one between Mayweather and Pacquiao, fighters earned $150 million!

An important reason why such sums are involved in boxing is that many of the matches take place on ‘pay TV'. Not only in stadiums where people pay big bucks for tickets but also TV viewers are willing to pay big bucks to watch their favourite fighters. The positive side of this is that there is a certain culture around boxing. And one that also seeps into betting. Thus, betting on boxing can provide good payouts…. But the possibility of losing is still great too!

Bet on Your Favorite Boxer at Non GamStop Bookmakers 

If you are going to bet on boxing, you naturally want to follow your favourite boxer and possibly the sport as a whole. However, unfortunately, you cannot watch all boxing matches on TV since all tournaments are broadcast exclusively on pay TV. However, you can watch all the boxing tournaments easily at non GamStop betting sites.

Non GamStop sportsbooks announce matches early. So, you always have a chance to read ahead and know where and when matches will be broadcast.

Furthermore, if you can't catch a match, you can often turn to platforms like Youtube almost instantly for a comprehensive recap.

Of course, you can also participate in sports sites, boxing sites, online communities and fans groups on social media to stay fully informed. This gives boxing betting an extra dimension.

Remember that reading and getting the right odds are the main tools that you should use to get the winnings.

What Betting Markets Are Available for Boxing?

As mentioned earlier, boxing has a limited range of betting markets. In order to start betting, you first need to register with a legitimate non GamStop sports betting site, after which you can deposit and get your welcome bonus. From there, boxing betting simply involves clicking on specific markets or boxing odds and entering your bet value.

Here are all the types of betting you can find on trusted sites:

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