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The modern game of golf dates back to 1450. However, the rules of the game have changed quite a bit over the centuries.

While the goal of shooting a ball into a hole seems simple, the challenging nature has led many men and women to take an interest in this wonderful game.

With a wide range of players, and multiple tournaments that include an extensive variety of challenges, this game is ever-changing and can captivate most people.

List of GOLF betting sites not on gamStop

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Whether you are a fan of golf or have limited knowledge about it, betting on golf can provide hefty winnings even for complete newbies.

In this article, we will cover some basics related to golf betting, including the types of bets, the most prominent tournaments, and some useful tips that you can rely on to increase your winning chances.

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International Golf Federation (IGF), United States Golf Association (USGA), The R&A, French Golf Federation
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⭐ Countries where the sport is popular:South Africa, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan, France, Australia…
🌎 Worldwide Championships:The Masters, US Open Golf, British Open, PGA Championship
🏅 Olympic sport:Yes

Popular Golf Bets

There are many types of golf bets available at non GamStop sports betting sites, or non Gamstop casinos. To discover the available bets all you have to do is click on the golf tab. Then, select the tournament/match you want to bet on and all available betting markets will appear. When you select a specific market a bet slip will be displayed which you can use to learn about potential returns from a bet of a certain amount, whether you want to place an insurance bet, and if you want to group your bet with another bet, and many other options.

Below, we've rounded up the most popular golf bets that you can find on all non GamStop bookmakers.

To Win

Definitely, the winner bet is the easiest bet to predict as it only asks you to select the winner of the match/tournament.

This bet does require you to predict how many points will be scored or the spread between the winner and his opponent, just pick the golfer that you think will win the event/ tournament.

As with any other sport, players participating in the tournament are classified into favourites and underdogs. The favourites are closer to winning so betting on them offers a lower payout, while betting on the underdogs offers much higher payouts, but they, statically, are far to win.

Future Bets

This type of bet is similar to predicting the winner, but it is placed at least a week before the start of the tournament/ event. The big advantage that this bet offers is the high odds of winning even against the favourites. However, it is very difficult to predict the winner of the tournament before it starts.

Top Ten Players

If you think that there is a certain player who will perform well but you are not sure that he will get the title, you can choose him to be one of the ten best players in the tournament.

Each-Way Bet

This is somewhat of a double bet as it involves predicting two variables. In each-way betting, the bettor has to decide which player will win and his rank.

First Round Leader

The first-round leader is a straightforward and exciting bet as it requires punters to choose the player who will take the lead in the first round only.

Top Nationality Bet

Since golf tournaments bring together players of many nationalities, you can bet on which nationality will have the best results. In other words, this bet considers golf as a team game and the player has to decide which team will go far in the specific tournament. The odds for this bet vary depending on whether two or more players with the same nationality are heavily favoured to win the tournament.

Head-to-Head Betting

With a head-to-head bet, you can select specific golfers to beat their partners. You can also predict which players will win certain holes during the round. You can also bet on one player outperforming another and many similar options.

Hole-in-One Betting

This bet is self-explanatory. Do you think one player will get a hole-in-one during the week? So bet on him, and if he does, you win!

Top Golf Tournaments

There are approximately 48 golf tournaments available annually. However, some are more popular than others and offer bettors higher winning odds. In the next part, we will introduce you to the top four golf tournaments available at non GamStop sports betting sites.

The Masters

The Masters is one of the most popular golf tournaments in the world. Unlike many other tournaments, this one never changes its location from year to year. The Augusta National Stadium hosts this tournament every spring.

Scotty Scheffler achieved an impressive victory in the 2022 edition, while Jack Nicklaus has won the most titles in this tournament (6 times). Tiger Woods won five titles, the last of which was in 2019, while Arnold Palmer is in third place with three titles.

PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is held May 19-22 at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The total prize pool for this tournament is $12 million. The champion of the 2022 edition was the player Justin Thomas. The most decorated players in this tournament are Nicklaus and Walter Hagen, who have won it five times each.

US Open Championship

The US Open will be held annually from June 16-19, 2022 at the Country Club in Brooklyn, Massachusetts. The total prize pool for this tournament is $12.5 million. The player who was crowned this tournament is Matthew Fitzpatrick. This tournament is the national championship for golf in the United States of America. Many golfers share the record for most victories in this tournament with four titles:

  • Nicklaus
  • Willie Anderson
  • Bobby Jones
  • Ben Hogan

Live Streaming of Golf Tournaments

Just as you can bet on the go at trusted non GamStop sites, you can also enjoy watching tournaments via smartphone or tablet.

To enjoy watching any golf tournament, all you need to do is to register with one of the non GamStop sports betting sites. Then, top up your balance and you will be able to watch any live golf tournament. Moreover, you can also watch live streaming of esports, football, tennis, and other sports as well. However, some bookmakers may require you to place a bet of at least $1 in the last 24 hours to access the free live streaming service.

The live broadcast is an indispensable feature for fans of live bets as it allows them to keep track of the progress of the tournament and place a wise bet.

Golf Betting Tips

Whether you are completely new to golf betting or have limited knowledge about it, the following tips can greatly improve your betting results.

Shop For the Best Odds

We know that you will instinctively pick the player closest to winning to bet on, but before that, you should choose the sports betting site that offers the highest odds for your bet. Most likely, well-known sports betting sites tend to offer lower odds than newly launched bookies. However, you should do your own research before placing your bet. It is also great to participate in several non GamStop sports betting sites, in this way you will be guaranteed to get more promotions, choose the site that offers the highest odds, as well as applying different strategies such as matched betting.

Always Try New Bets

Some bets are just as easy to predict the winner but offer much higher payouts. For example, you can bet on the top ten players, place a head-to-head Betting, and also you can try a top nationality bet. These bets can be very fun and profitable. In addition, it only requires a quick match and tournament analysis. If you are confident that two or more bets will come true, you can combine them into one ACCA bet and get double winnings.

Do Your Homework

Sometimes just choosing your favourite golfers isn't enough. What you really need to look out for is how the players have performed in recent matches. This information can be critical to selecting the front runners.

Don't Bet on Every Tournament

With tournaments available all year round and over 100 players on the field week after week it can be really difficult to always get the right results. So, when you decide to bet on golf you should limit yourself to a limited number of tournaments. This way you can collect a wealth of information about the weather, the players, the nature of the competition, and other factors that affect the results. Furthermore, you should always bet with the money you can afford to lose and never go over your betting budget.

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