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In an effort to support responsible spending and help those with gambling problems, Barclays introduced a gambling block feature, a financial tool aimed at curbing the potential for gambling-related financial harm. This feature allows customers to block transactions between their bank accounts and non gamstop UK gambling merchants. The importance of such a service cannot be overstated, as it can be a crucial step for individuals struggling to manage their gambling habits.

Barclays Gambling Block's View of Casinos Not On GamStop

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Last updated: June 2024

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  • Easy to activate and immediate implementation.
  • Comprehensive coverage of gambling-related transactions.
  • Accessible customer support and feedback mechanisms.
  • Cooling-off period encourages thoughtful deactivation.


  • Occasional false positives/negatives in transaction blocking.
  • Lack of customization options for nuanced control.

Availability and Activation

Barclays has made the gambling block feature accessible through its mobile banking app, allowing users to activate the service with a few taps on their screen. This level of accessibility is commendable, ensuring that users can readily enact the block without the need for complex processes or customer service intervention.


Ease of Activation

The gambling block is designed with simplicity in mind. Activation is intuitive: once logged in to the Barclays mobile app, customers can navigate to the ‘Cards' section and toggle the gambling block feature on. The simplicity of this process encourages its use by those who might otherwise be daunted by complex banking tasks.

Scope of Block

The block applies to transactions identified as gambling-related, including high stakes betting sites, physical betting shops, casinos, and even lottery ticket purchases. The comprehensiveness of this block is vital, as gambling venues are diverse and plentiful.


Transaction Blocking

The effectiveness of the Barclays gambling block feature is noteworthy. The block works in real-time, rejecting transactions at gambling merchants as soon as it is activated. However, there have been isolated instances of certain transactions not being caught by the filter, which Barclays has been quick to address upon notification.

Speed of Implementation

The block is effective immediately upon activation, which is crucial for those seeking instant relief from the impulse to gamble.

Incidence of False Positives/Negatives

No system is without flaws, and the Barclays gambling block is no exception. There have been reports of false positives, where non-gambling transactions are declined, though these cases seem relatively rare.

User Experience


The mobile app's user interface, where the block is controlled, is clean and user-friendly. Barclays has ensured that activating the block is a straightforward process, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Customer Support

Customer support plays a vital role in the success of features like the gambling block. Barclays offers robust support for users, with a dedicated helpline and in-app support for immediate assistance.

Feedback System

Barclays seems to have implemented an effective feedback system, which allows customers to report any issues with the block, such as incorrect transaction blocks or requests for additional support.


Temporary Suspension

One of the features that stand out is the ability for users to temporarily suspend the block, allowing for flexibility. However, there is a 72-hour cooling-off period before the block can be disabled, preventing rash decisions that could lead to relapse.


While the block is not customizable in terms of setting limits, its on/off nature provides a clear and decisive boundary for those who opt to use it. Santander's gambling block is similar to Barclays.



Security measures are in place to ensure that only the account holder can enable or disable the block, requiring authentication that aligns with the bank's overall security protocols.


Barclays has a strong privacy policy in place, and there is no indication that data related to the use of the gambling block feature is handled inappropriately.


Customer Testimonials

Anecdotal evidence from customer testimonials suggests that the feature has had a positive impact on their ability to manage gambling habits, with many expressing gratitude for the service.

Behavioral Change

There is limited publicly available data on the statistical impact of the gambling block on overall spending behavior. However, the mere presence of such a tool likely acts as a deterrent for impulse gambling.

Recommendations for Improvement

To further enhance the gambling block, Barclays could consider providing customizable limits, allowing customers to set specific spending thresholds. Additionally, improving the accuracy of transaction filtering to minimize false positives could refine the user experience.

Conclusion About Barclays Gambling Block

Barclays' gambling block feature is a robust tool that adds a valuable layer of protection for customers. It demonstrates the bank's commitment to supporting responsible spending and provides a necessary resource for those battling gambling addiction.


What should I do if a legitimate transaction is blocked by the gambling block?

If a non-gambling transaction is mistakenly blocked, you should contact Barclays customer support for assistance. They can help resolve the issue and ensure that valid transactions go through.

Is my privacy maintained when I use the gambling block feature?

Yes, Barclays has strict privacy policies in place to ensure that your use of the gambling block feature remains confidential.

Are there any fees associated with using the gambling block?

No, Barclays does not charge any fees for activating or using the gambling block feature.

How effective is the gambling block in preventing gambling transactions?

The gambling block is highly effective in real-time prevention of gambling transactions. However, it relies on the correct coding of merchant transactions as gambling-related. Barclays continuously works to update and refine the blocking mechanisms based on customer feedback.

Can I set specific spending limits for gambling instead of blocking transactions completely?

Currently, the gambling block feature is an on/off setting without the option to set specific spending limits for gambling. However, Barclays continuously evaluates its services and may consider such features in the future based on customer feedback and demand.

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