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As long as you can manage it, stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a little risk is fine. It brings out certain feelings in you that you will never experience otherwise. For example, think of the feeling you get when you hit a jackpot – really indescribable. Continue reading self exclusion bingo platforms review.

You experience a real adrenaline rush which you can't describe. Believe it or not, winning money is just an afterthought. It's that sense of profit and pride that most online bingo enthusiasts play for, not for the money.

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How Exactly Does Bingo Self-Exclusion Work?

Taking risks while playing at a bingo site brings a certain thrill, which is one of the reasons players keep coming back. And as long as this remains a safe amount of money, there is nothing wrong with that.

It can act as relaxation and it provides a healthy adrenaline boost. However, when gambling changes from leisure to compulsive activity, it becomes a problem.

This will affect daily life and can be the cause of many problems. Fortunately, online bingo sites have something to help you with this: self exclusion, we will explain everything about it on this page!

What Is Self Exclusion in the Online Bingo Sites?

Most people who visit a bingo site do so safely and responsibly. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.

Some people play irresponsibly and don't know when to stop. For these players, using self exclusion in the online bingo portal is a very useful tool to limit excessive play.

Playing in a bingo site creates a kind of natural “high” for some players, especially at the times when you win a large amount. And just like any other stimulant, such as alcohol, millions of people can use it responsibly. However, not everyone succeeds in this and some people start using it recklessly with all the consequences that entails.

Every bingo player has made irresponsible decisions while playing. Think, for example, of a huge win, followed by a long series of losses.

Or think of problems in your personal life, where visiting a bingo site is seen as a temporary escape from reality.

Some players will see for themselves that their behavior in the bingo is getting out of hand. For this reason, most online bingo sites offer the possibility to impose a (temporary) ban for yourself.

Operation of Bingo self-exclusion programme

How the self exclusion system works exactly depends on the bingo site, but they all work in the same way.

A popular form of self exclusion is the ”cooling off” period, where the player is no longer able to access the online bingo's website for a certain period.

Normally this period can be set from 7 days to several months. During this period, the player will be blocked by the bingo site and will no longer receive promotional emails or bonuses.

In most cases, one company operates multiple gambling portals sites. So, a single self exclusion request at one site immediately bans players from accessing all of the company's sites.

In addition, most bingo portals take gambling addiction, and thus self exclusion, very seriously. This means that they will do their very best to ensure that you are not able to create a new account or otherwise access the site during the period.

The emerging regulations require online bingo portals to maintain a register of their own that lists which members are on the self exclusion list.

In addition, there will be a general register to keep gambling addiction in check.

Once the self exclusion request is approved, there is no going back. The indicated period is fixed and there is no possibility to reverse it.

If you have applied for a ban of 3 months, it is no longer possible, for example, to change this to a shorter term.

The player's account is completely ‘frozen' during the self exclusion period, which also prevents payouts. Once the period is over, the account will be restored and the player will be able to continue playing or withdraw money.

Permanent Self Exclusion in Bingo Sites

Most people think that the sole purpose of a bingo portal is to make as much money as possible, but this is not the case.

Of course they are there to make a profit, but most bingo portals are also committed to combating irresponsible gambling. Online bingo sites are there to entertain players responsibly.

To help people with intractable problem gambling, most bingo sites offer the permanent self exclusion option along with other responsible gambling tools. In the case of permanent self exclusion, it is again impossible to reverse it after the application.

The bingo site will again do its utmost to prevent you from creating an account again or access to the site in any other way.

Self exclusion Is Not Completely Watertight

Most bingo portals do their best to help members who cannot control their behaviour. Unfortunately, the self exclusion options do not work perfectly against irresponsible gambling.

Firstly, there are currently an infinite number of bingo portals where you can create an account without any problems.

A self exclusion request at one bingo site will not prevent the player from going to another gambling site.

Furthermore, many bingo portals put in a lot less effort than they claim. Stopping bombarding members with new bonuses and emails about this certainly does not always happen.

A player who sincerely tries to control his urge to gamble is constantly confronted with it in this way.

In addition, some irresponsible bingo sites allow players to create a new account even though they have excluded themselves before.

Players can therefore continue playing here within about a minute without any problems. As in one of other non gamstop brands, you can find bingo integrated into casino sites.

Buzz Bingo Self Exclusion

The Buzz Bingo self exclusion is safe and completely waterproof. So we have used it in this article as an example of an effective self exclusion program.

To freeze your account, open your profile, then click on the self exclusion option. After that, you can indicate the cool-off period.

Once your self exclusion is enabled, you cannot continue playing Buzz Bingo again. 

If you don't want to use self exclusion, you can also easily indicate in your profile with which limits you want to play and at how much you no longer lose access to your account.

Buzz Bingo Self Exclusion Scheme
Period6 months to 5 years
Available forAll players
Request processing time24 hours
Can be reversedNo
Cover any other bingo siteNo
Affects credit ratingNo
User protectionYes

Do You Need ID to Activate Buzz Bingo Self Exclusion?

No, all you have to do is log into your account and click on the (self exclusion) option. Next, you have to decide how long you want to stop playing. The customer care team will process your request within a maximum of 24 hours. After that, the self exclusion will take effect and you will never be able to continue playing there before the end of the specified period.

Other Responsible Gaming Tools

Besides self exclusion, any trusted bingo platform will offer its customers tools called “responsible gaming tools” in their software. The most popular responsible gaming tools on bingo sites are:

  • Deposit limits
  • Time limits
  • Loss limits
  • Time outs


Self exclusion in a bingo portal is an aid in preventing and remedying irresponsible play on a bingo site.

To activate self exclusion, the player must voluntarily deny himself access to the respective bingo site. After this activation, it is no longer possible to access this portal, which may last for a specified period or may be permanent. The player must indicate this in his request.

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