England cricket began in the UK during the eighteenth century. Then it spread across all European, Asian, and American countries. The responsible body for this sport is the International Cricket Council, which is based in Dubai. This council includes more than 104 countries that have at least one local tournament for this sport. Considering that the world contains 195 countries, this means that cricket is truly a popular international sport!

List of top Non GamStop Cricket Betting Sites

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Last updated: May 2024

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What Is the Cricket Game?

England cricket is a strategy game played by two teams. Each team contains 11 players. The main target of the game is to score the largest number of goals and hinder the opponent from scoring goals. Two referees organize and manage the match and their decisions are final and irreversible.

English cricket is played with a wooden bat and a ball made of cork covered with rubber; Note that cricket ball differs from soccer balls which are made of latex and filled with air. Cricket ball is made to withstand strong hitting and repulsion without exploding as well as to be light.

The third tool in English Cricket is the wicket, which is a small wooden three sticks topped by two sticks called “bails” placed on both ends of the pitch. The goal is scored when the attacking team hits the opponent wicket with the ball.

As we have already indicated, the cricket ball is heavy so the cricketers wear a helmet, known as a “cricket cap”, to protect their heads like those worn by American footballers. Since the risk of injury is higher for the receiver, he wears gloves and elbow guard, thigh guard, and jumpers to protect his body from hitting the cricket ball, whose speed ranges from 50 km/h to 90 km/h!

English Cricket Gameplay

Like all popular sports, Cricket is a very simple game when explained. The match starts when the referee tosses a coin to identify which team will start as the bowling team and batting team. Then, the chosen team will send 2 batsmen players who stand in front of both wickets. The rest of the two teams’ members spread over the pitch. The bowling team throws the ball at the adjacent batsman. The batsmen will try to score as many points (runs) as possible by running to the opposite wicket before the inning ends.

Cricket match phases are referred to as “inning” which isn’t limited by time like other sports but it ends when the bowlers finish their limited number of balls, or when 10 out of 11 batsmen are out from any team. The batsman can be out when the bowler catches the ball he sent or when the bowler hit his wicket or when he misses hitting the sent ball. After the batsman is out, another teammate will take his place to continue the game.

When the second inning begins, the bowling team will be the batting team and vice versa. In this case, the bowling team will try to score more points than its opponent scored in the previous inning to win the match.

Types of England Cricket Matches

There are three formats of professional Eng cricket matches:

  • Test match: This is the most traditional type of cricket match and the longest. The test match can last for 5 days. However, this match can take place in an intense form in just one day.
  • One-Day Match: Also known by “ODIs”, as the name suggests, this match will only last for one day and contains only one inning.
  • Twenty20: This is the fastest, newest, and most popular format. As each team plays only 20 over. Therefore, the twenty20 match time is just three hours.

How to Bet on Non gamstop Cricket?

Betting on Eng cricket requires more than just a passion for the sport and there are some rules that you should be aware of to get the desired profits and avoid any unnecessary loss. Below are the most important factors that you must consider to place the right bet on the cricket matches.

Choose the Best Bookmaker

Giving that the online sports betting industry is a successful and growing industry, there are more betting sites being launched almost every day. Whereas this giant number of online bookmakers create a wide choice for experienced sports punters, newbies will not be able to select the best bookmaker! There are several standards that you can use to rate and evaluate online bookmakers, namely:

On our website, we recommend the best bookmakers not on GamStop that tick all these boxes and offer high quality betting experience.

Understanding the England Cricket Betting

Cricket betting is not just about predicting the winning team. Currently, sports betting sites have expanded the prediction circle to include many different factors. For example, the performance of the bowler, the highest number of rounds scored by the batsman, the average points scored in the inning, and many more.

With so many betting options available, the winning odds have also gone up! This is the reason why even beginners can make amazing profits from betting on cricket. The most popular betting options on cricket matches are:

  • The winning team
  • The tournament winner
  • Best bowler
  • Best batsman
  • Man of the match
Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Professional sports bettors like to “catch” the high winning markets and bet on them before the game changes. So, they prefer to place bets using their smartphones and tablets which allow them to place bets anytime and anywhere. Luckily, the most of bookmaker offers a mobile-friendly platform that works smoothly on all Android and IOS devices. However, you should examine the bookmaker's platform on your device before creating a new account and play there.

Available Banking Methods 

Before choosing a bookmaker, you should check the available payment methods and make sure that your favourite method is available. There are 4 types of banking methods available at each bookmaker site and they are as follows:

  • Bank cards

Bank cards are the fastest and most convenient way that you can use to make your transactions safely, easily, and fees-free.

  • E-Wallets

E-wallets are one of the most preferred methods for online cricket bettors. They are safe, fast, and easy to use. Also, most of the E-Wallets have an app available to download on smartphones and tablets.

  • Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are very popular among all internet users. You can use options like Ukash or PaySafeCard at any of the sports non gamstop betting sites.


On this page, we have discussed the rules of England cricket, the betting basics, and the standards that you should depend on to choose the best bookmaker. If you want to start placing bets on this sport now, you can pick a betting site from our website, create an account there, and make your first deposit to receive the welcome bonus to boost your bankroll! 

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